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Traveling + Exhaustion

How I have missed blogging! It’s probably been a month since I’ve been able to sit and write (after 37,000 attempts). Let me tell you about December. It was an exhausting, but an exciting month for Daniel and me. When we returned from Jackson (after graduation), I had a doctor’s appointment that following Tuesday. Our new doctor is great! We both felt comfortable with him. After chatting about the past 5 months, he ordered a sonogram. I was thrilled! We hadn’t seen her since week 17 when we revealed. Not only did we have a sonogram, but the 3D one. I was against doing it, because you could literally see everything about the baby. Once the lady started the 3D, we were glued! SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL. I can’t describe how we felt. It made everything real. Since that doctor’s appointment, Daniel has been ready (to say the least). He can finally wrap his head around the whole baby thing. Again, I am not someone that shows the world my insides, but we couldn’t resist! I showed everyone the pictures at Christmas (along with my parents, who sent them to their entire iPhone phonebook). Although the pictures were intriguing, I started to get hot towards the end. I started sweating then told the woman. She quickly lifted me up and said the baby (who weighed 4.8 lbs.) was so heavy, she was cutting off the blood circulation to my head. Great…. I was now nauseous and sweaty. But it was all worth it! I have started going to the doctor weekly. It’s all starting to set in.

she's a thumbsucker!

For the entire month of December, Daniel and I lived in Crystal Springs with his dad and step-mom. They were so sweet to let us live there, eat their food and hunt (thank goodness Daniel got to hunt). During those weeks, we were trying to get the house ready. Everyday we drove to Madison for something different – flooring, painting, turn the water on, turn the gas on, turn the electricity on, meet the inspector, rewire the house, meet the plumber,-you name it, we (really, Daniel) did it. The house was practically finished in 2 weeks! We were fortunate to get people who could work during the Christmas holidays and deer season. That’s right… we’re in the south and people plan their off time around deer and duck season. To say all of that, we are finally in our house! Our first night was Friday, December 30 (our 5 month anniversary). We celebrated with Crawford and Lucy Baird. They were our first guests. The guest bedroom has been renamed to “Crawford’s Room”. Daniel and I were VERY thankful to be on our own house. Mom and dad came up this past weekend, along with Daniel’s mom and dad. Everyone pitched in and helped clean and get organized. It looks like a brand new home! Last night was our first “real” night together. We watched a movie, ate a home cooked meal Mrs. Georgia Miller brought and in bed at 8:50 P.M. There was so much to be grateful for.

closing day!

first night with the Bairds

if it weren't for help, all of our stuff would be scattered

Christmas 2011 was quick. Daniel and I travelled to my grandmother’s the week before- a special time with family we don’t see often. Reading the Christmas story is my favorite part. The youngest child at Christmas, who knows how to read, reads the Christmas story from the gospel according to Luke. I could picture little Harper reading it one day – a special time. Christmas continued the next weekend with Christmas Eve at my dad’s. That is so laid back and fun. The kids (Mary Hill, Jackson and Colden) are old enough now to understand Christmas and Santa Claus. Speaking of, my brother showed up to Christmas Eve as Santa. The kids were shocked and told him what they wanted on his lap- hilarious. Colden (or Jackson) even whispered “That looks like big John.” After presents were unwrapped, we sang (dad and John Preston played the guitar) Robert Earl Keen’s “Merry Christmas from the Family”. It’s a tradition. After dad’s we head to my Mama Nan’s. It’s a blast. There are so many people (family and friends). I love getting together with everyone on Christmas. Christmas was a little different this year; it was catered and we had war over National Championship tickets. Is that a first world problem, or what (haha)? We enjoyed ourselves! The nice thing about being married is not leaving each other. Daniel got to come to all of my Christmas events, and I got to attend his. The next morning we did mom’s Christmas (Santa) then headed to Crystal Springs to do his dad’s Christmas and then to Star for his mom’s Christmas. There were a lot of Christmases, but worth it to be with family. All were perfect!

Mama June's Christmas

John Preston at daddy's bank

a little "Merry Christmas from the Family"

Santa surprised Mary Hill, Jackson and Colden

Jill's awesome present to Harper

thanks for the camera, pops! it will be used... a lot.

mom's present - my favorite

this is what I have been wanting to do for a month now- sit and type

my aunt, who is not an Alabama fan, but decided to get everyone excited about the National Championship ticket drawing

Mama Nan is her Christmas attire... or beach attire.

present time!

this. is. a. joke.

Sheriff Talmadge and Fields Day

sisters in tacky sweaters

Lonny with a microphone = listen from Starkville
Lonny without a microphone = listen from Zachary

drawing for tickets

Christmas morning - we're running out of room

Santa came- can't wait for next Christmas with Harper!

Santa came to Louis, too

things you get from Santa when you're expecting... a (gorgeous) gown

... and books. 

from me to Daniel - our first ornament

Christmas with Jonelle and Mr. Danny

Jonelle's mom, Memaw Joy

Christmas with Daniel's mom's side

Rachel (Stephen's fiance) - ready to have a sister-in-law!

Stephen and Mrs. Sharon

After running around the month of December, I am finally sleeping well. I have been exhausted every day and crashed at night. I might’ve overdone it a couple of times, but it’s frustrating trying to move and you can’t move anything. We all (Daniel, me, Mr. Danny and Jonelle) went to Starkville the day after Christmas to move out of our apartment. It was rainy, cold, Daniel’s truck wouldn’t start AND there was a leak in the trailer – what a day! We were so thankful to have Mr. Danny and Jonelle there to help us with the move.  It was bittersweet leaving Starkville, but we had larger fish to fry. I know we’ll be back to visit in the fall semester (Lord willing).

we barely packed all of our stuff up... in the rain.

Also, my friend, Julie Carter, gave me a baby shower at Babalu (restaurant in Jackson, MS). It was so good to see everyone! Since we've graduated, friends have move to D.C., Texas, Virginia, Alabama, Memphis and various places in Mississippi. I really appreciate Julie getting this together! The invitations and decorations were perfect (of course). She knows more about babies than I do! Please keep her in your prayers as she serves in Africa for 3 months. I'm interested to see how this high maintenance girl transitions :) Love you, Jules! Thanks for the fashionable par-tay!

Life as we know it is wonderful. Many exciting things happened so fast for us. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Harper has been such a blessing for us! The Lord has used this to shape us. He knew this life of joy was ahead, but Daniel and I were so worried. We couldn’t have planned our life any better. She is currently the size of a WATERMELON and approximately 6.5 lbs. We have 3 weeks and 6 days left… to be selfish individuals, haha. I’m kidding.

Although we want to give God all the glory, it’s hard sometimes. I’m not going to lie, during the month of December it was hard to find a quiet time to read and reflect. It was a perfect example of the “real world” and not making time. We talked about not spending time with the Lord often. It really bothered us that we weren’t seeking out His plan, while He has given us so much! We remained thankful, but not faithful. Both of us saw how quickly we can slip if we’re not daily in the Word. I have a feeling you all know what I’m talking about. Since we’re on a schedule now (Daniel working and me getting the house ready), it will be easier to read at night and in the morning. It’s a subject that frustrates us, but we’re not disciplined enough to wake up earlier or stay up later. Thank the Lord for his grace and mercy. He loves us, oh how He loves us.
 We need thee every hour. 

Back to bed.

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