Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Harper's "Birth"day!

Whew! Just laid sweet Harper girl down for a nap, and I can finally blog.

So it was Tuesday, January 31 when Daniel and I spent our last night together (just the 2 of us- at our house). We were anxious, nervous, excited, scared and ready! I was beyond uncomfortable. The next morning, Daniel headed to work while I finished packing our bags, washing clothes and cleaning the house. We had to leave here at 5:00 to make it to Women's at 5:30. Around 3:00, Julie Tigrett came over and delivered beautiful pink tulips. She also calmed my nerves before heading to the hospital (she even blow-dried my hair - good friend!) That was a sweet sweet time for me. She was the first person to know about Harper. I'm thankful we had that bonding moment before Daniel returned home. So it's 4:30 now and Daniel is home. Julie leaves and we have our last little moments together. Of course, he's just hanging out on the bed while I'm frantically getting everything together (pillows, camera, blankets, etc). We get ready to leave and I think to myself, "Should I eat something? Nah... they told me I could eat dinner there." So I get in the car and wait on Daniel. After he finishes loading the car, he gets in the driver's seat. Then goes on to ask me if I had packed all of his stuff, I did. He runs inside and gets more boxers, t-shirts and nik-nacks. I could clearly tell he was putting off going to the hospital. We get on our merry way (now running late) and head to Women's Hospital. We get off at 55 and head down Lakeland. After Daniel asks, "What's the speed limit?" I automatically know he's going slow for a reason. He was so nervous! He never asks about the speed limit... especially on Lakeland at 5:15. it was cute. 

Anyway, we check in and the nurses start their job of asking me 1,000,000 questions and sticking me with needles. I am petrified of needles, so I ask for the IV in my arm (not hand). The nurse says, "She'll try." That's exactly what she did- tried. It took 3 sticks and a new nurse to get the IV going. By then I was telling her to just put it in my hand. After that hoopla, the nurse inserted the cervadil (soften the cervix). Mom and Daniel were allowed back in - thank goodness. By this time, I was starting to get really hungry. The nurse said since I was having a contraction every 2 minutes, food was not an option. "What!?! I haven't eaten since noon." I was starving. As time went on, people started showing up. Daniel's entire family came to visit and so did mine. Stephen (Daniel's brother) brought him a Sal & Mookies pizza (Daniel's favorite!). My aunt also brought a Baum's birthday cake with buttercream icing (MY FAVORITE!). It was torture not being able to eat either thing. My nurse offered me a sprite, chicken broth and popsicles. How appetizing, right? I ate then tried to fall asleep. I could feel the contractions, but since I had so much fluid, they weren't too terrible. That night was the worst, though. I couldn't sleep then the nurse runs in around 3 AM telling me to put a breathing mask on because the baby's heartbeat had dropped. Harper was obviously lying on the umbilical cord. It scared me to death. After that incident, you can bet I didn't sleep. 

dinner in the bottom right corner

wish I had a piece now!

watching her heartbeat is like watching the stock market... yeah...

mom, jill and betsy made treats for everyone

 The next morning, the doctor came in around 7:30. He broke my water, and I was 2.5 centimeters dilated. I could not believe the amount of fluid I had. After my water broke, the contractions started coming. When the pain was somewhat severe, I got the epidural. I was begging for the epidural. It started kicking in... but only on my left side. I was still feeling contractions on my right side. They finally gave me a strong medicine to deaden the right side of my body. It was now 9:30 AM, and I had dilated 8 centimeters. She was coming quick! I called my dad to make sure he made it on time. He did! I couldn't believe it was happening so fast. The nurse told me I would be lucky if she were to come at 3:00. Since I was 40 weeks and 1 day, it was much easier than being induced at 38 weeks - duh. There were so many people in my room. I was a little overwhelmed, but felt so incredibly loved. Time went on and it was 10:45ish (guessing). I started feeling a lot of pressure and began to push. Now labor, that's ... not what I expected. I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't that. I was unbelievably nauseous, because I was "working out" without food in my stomach. Mom and Daniel really helped me along the way. They could see her head, and encouraged me to keep pushing. One nurse said, "I can see her hair!" and I replied, "WHAT COLOR IS IT??" Please. I was just ready to see my healthy baby, and the pressure to stop. Mom stepped back to get the camera and about fainted. My mom's a nurse and has seen her share of gruesome things. I just knew Daniel would be the one to pass out, not her. She was just standing there with the camera and not doing anything. I clearly didn't know she was sick, so I yell, "You either help me or you take pictures!" Oops. Sorry, mom. Didn't know you were as white as a ghost in the bathroom. Anyway, she made it for the big reveal! Harper Lee Sims was born at 11:27 AM. She weighed 7 pounds and 4 ounces (20 inches long). It was a sign of relief to know she was healthy and out of my stomach. 


almost time to push

what sisters are for

my nurse was great!

welcome to the world, harper

am I swollen? or am I swollen?

love, sweet love

too much joy.

waiting on Miss Sims

i love this!

daddy daughter

men in my life

...and Harper enters the Facebook world.

Happy Birthday!

For you created me in my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. Psalm 139:13

Mr. Danny, Daniel and Nana

couldn't do it without her.

Has not the one God made you? You belong to him in body and spirit. And what does the one God seek? Godly offspring. So be on your guard, and do not be unfaithful to the wife of your youth. Malachi 2:15

They soon let Daniel bring her out to show everyone. She was so popular! Our friends and family are the best. Harper got her first bath in the nursery. The nurse brought her back to me and everyone was allowed back in. I slept for a good hour after that workout. I was exhausted and still couldn't eat. But when I could, a smoothie tasted like heaven! After 2 hours, I was transported to a postpartum room. It was so nice and big! There is where Harper, Daniel and me got to bond. She was beautiful, just beautiful. The motherly instinct kicked in. I wish I could explain the love we have for her and each other. She is a perfect picture of God's grace. Daniel and I didn't get to hold her much because of visitors, but when we did, we just melted. She reminded us of God's love and mercy. My love for Daniel grew even stronger. We really felt like one. She brought us closer together. Those nights at the hospital will never be forgotten. I will probably cringe when I think of the nursery calling in the middle of the night to tell me, "She's ready to be fed." My toes just curled those first few times I had to feed her. Now, it's AMAZING! I really enjoy breastfeeding. That was my biggest fear (since I'm so modest), but it's wonderful. She needs me. It's a bond no one can take away. I just stare at her as if she can see me. 

Daniel's mom and grandmother

thank you, Mary Dunaway

"Mr. Hengry"

The Simses

Thanks for the visit!

the natural

I can hear her now, "Haw-pa Wee got da hic-em-ups!"

after the first midnight feeding

Aunt Betsy and Uncle Graham

scariest drive of my life

wasn't worth putting on a "going home outfit" - so tiny!

the only time i cried

Daniel and I continually thank God for our little girl. He has given us a responsibility to raise her biblically. Daniel and I should take what we see in the Word and teach her. That motivates us to study and read more. Our friends have encouraged us through scripture these past 9 months. Those scriptures were racing through my head while I was in pain. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for loving our sweet child. In not a boasting way, but my phone was blowing up with Facebook and Twitter notifications. WE ARE SO LOVED. Thank you! I hope to respond to each of you soon. 

I would love to get all of my thoughts together and write a better post, but I'm a little pressed for time. Forgive me for being scattered. We are throughly enjoying Miss Sims! Our life could not be better right now. Thank you all for reading. 

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you're forgiven and loved.