Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Chaos

Between trying to redo a house, Christmas, rescuing puppies and somewhat living out of our car.... I'd say this month has been chaotic. Forgive me. I am anxious to sit and write about our new home, but I. HAVE. NO. TIME.

 Just a little update:
 Painters will finish the inside today (Friday)
We'll move from Starkville on Monday
Appliances will be installed Tuesday - Yipee!
Floor will go down Wednesday and Thursday
We will hopefully stay Thursday night!

We are ready, to say the least. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! 

Also, baby Harper is the size of a large cantaloupe (5.5 lbs and 22 inches)! She was a pineapple last week. She is growing really fast. Only 5 weeks and 5 days left. I'm starting to get freaked out/excited. Waiting on February 1st...

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