Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Wedding Day, Sally Beth!

Tonight, Sally Beth Allred will marry Mr. GT McCullough! Here are some pictures that remind me of Sally Beth and our really random adventures. Enjoy.

Halloween 06 when Sally Beth came to Clinton- she's in animal print, are you surprised?

Move-in day at Mississippi State... this was the day I got used to bright colors. 

Chi Omega Bid Day! 
These pictures are semi depressing. 

First date party- Kentucky Derby

A night in Hurst- who remembers Latoya Beaugard???

Boys Bid Day! Freshman year we had no idea what to expect, typical.

Chi Omega initiation

My Tie... or switch dates?

Sally Beth, the deer, for Chi O Camo

Never ever land and swap - enough said.

Tennessee vs. Mississippi State weekend in Knoxville
How did we end up in the basement of the Lambda Chi house with this character? 

Sally Beth and GT as Harry and Lloyd

LSU football game

So thankful for all of our memories! Now... can we go back to freshman year? You know the year when I THOUGHT I was fat- ha!

Congratulations, GT and Sally Beth! See y'all tonight.

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