Thursday, July 28, 2011

Two... ONE!


Two years in our "friendship" I was entering into my senior year and Daniel's junior year. Now that I'm thinking about it, that was the year Copiah won State in football. I don't have a picture with him - although I did stay in Crystal Springs that night. Here it goes, mom... I think you were on a trip and I drove to Clinton, MS... by myself. I also had a basketball game in Bowling Green the next day. So I woke up early, took backroads and made it in time for shoot around - I'm sure I managed to leave shorts, a shoe, deodorant, jersey, razor, something! I hope my lemon is nothing like me when it comes to organization (or packing). Sorry about being on the road, but I could not miss the championship game. I can also tell you what I wore to that game. Nevermind, I do have pictures. Let me just tell you, this was after basketball practice AND it was raining - good days

Can't find them - that's probably a good thing. Here's one of Daniel and the junior class, #10 baby... haha! I would be sore the next day from being tense the whole game. I would just hold my breath when he threw it... or yell, "Daniel!" under my breath. 

Here is one picture Daniel loves from that time period. We just got home from watching an LSU game at Adam Elam's house. I love that he is wearing a "Rick's Rowdies" t-shirt. 

Daniel and I were heading to Death Valley one Saturday morning - with a monsoon. I told him to park by The Varsity, but we were tailgating at the soccer fields (at least 2 miles apart). He got a little upset with me, but we made it. Before the game started, we decided to not go in - we were soaked. I remember calling Kameryn and asking what their plans were. We decided to drive to Jackson, LA and watch the game at Adam's. It ended up being a nail bitter (like all LSU games) and we should've stayed. Oh well, LSU won! 

My birthday is March 27, 1989. My mom threw me a surprise party when I was turning... 16? I had absolutely no idea. She got Katie, Jessica and Taylor to take me to Pride for a couple of hours... Pride? I was so confused. When I got back there were so many people in my hall. I had been in the worst mood all day. After hugging a few people, I saw Daniel in the back. I screamed, "DANIEL'S HERE!" He was so embarrassed. I went straight to the back and gave him the biggest hug - that meant the world to me. After that, I said "And my dad... is in my hall... in my house." I quickly changed and enjoyed the party! I think my phone had been seized (probably why I was in a bad mood) by my mom earlier in the week so Daniel and Colter got me a fake pink cell phone. I still have it... with the card. I will never forget that day. 

Daniel, me and Colter (usher)

Jonelle, Mr. Danny, Daniel and me- pre jaw surgery! 

HALF a year - it flew by! After knowing each other for a couple of months I asked Daniel to Homecoming. We were conveniently playing Copiah that night (and got beat). I was so nervous. I had ordered a funky dress off of the internet, but when I found out he was able to come, Mama Nan picked up a shorter one at Eros, haha. I was so dumb. Can you imagine how nervous I was the whole football game? I had made puppy chow for him to bring home and mom cooked her famous corn and crab soup. I love big events because everyone comes to our house to hang out. I hope people come as they please to my house one day. It's more fun that way... even if they are coming to get ice :) ....Jeffrie.

i love this. 

WHERE IT ALL STARTED... Glorieta, New Mexico.

I had gone to church camp with my home church in early June. I really wanted to go with Bluff Creek Baptist (church I grew up in) to Glorieta, but all the spots were full. The night before, Jessica Ballard (childhood friend), backed out. Praise the Lord! I was next on the list to go. Thankfully, Jessica had raised all of her support and my trip was practically free. Since the beginning of 9th grade, I had started to pray for my husband - wherever he was. I would think about it every night and genuinely pray for a Christian husband. Before we left for camp, I VIVIDLY remember praying for a good friend. I know that sounds cheesy, but I did. It was almost a dream. Once we got to camp, we split off into groups. Bennett Wilson was actually in my group. We started talking about the MPSA and introducing friends. The next day, my track was basketball then aerobics. Daniel's was frisbee (??) and softball. Any way, he skipped frisbee to come play basketball with Bennett. I was the team captain and picked he and Bennett to be on my team. We started playing and I just fell in love with his left handed shot - KIDDING! I offered him water and he didn't take it (he really remembers that- for some reason). So we were in the wrong places at the right time. He also became friends with Devan Moody (Silliman boy). I remember them throwing the football before dinner one night... weird. With all that being said, it was by God's divine providence that we met. I wouldn't change anything.

I am so thankful I was able to go on the trip and meet Daniel. It's fun to reflect and see how much God has done. He ordained this relationship from the beginning. 

can i get an "amen" for jaw surgery? we were just babies.

Sammy Nuckolls (80s night)- always said he would officiate our wedding. he speaks at the BSU at MSU often. we love to hear him speak!

Richard Henley

playing in the mud at Glorieta

Bluff Creek Baptist Youth Group - Mrs. Dee is actually making Daniel's groom's cake for the wedding. she used to bring us to Copiah games and pep rallies- so much fun!

the boys all brushed their teeth with the same toothbrush and cup of water... the last one (caleb coarsey) drank it. disgusting! they were very popular around camp.

my notebook from camp - what we did before cell phones

Well, it's finally here folks. Daniel will take 2 tests tomorrow and head to Clinton! People have been here all day cleaning, moping, vacumming, decorating, landscaping, pressure washing (shout out to Austin Hand), etc. I know they're tired! Thank you for all your hard work! 

Also, it's 0% CHANCE OF RAIN FOR SATURDAY! This girl is HAPPY :) 

Oh yeah, the lemon is now, 3 inches and 1.5 ounces. I'm convinced he/she stopped the rain for us. Thank you, my little friend. 
Starting to look like me already... wheels on it's butt. 

READY FOR TOMORROW AND SATURDAY! I hope we can take it all in. This only happens once :)

You may now kiss the bride.

Goodnight faithful blog readers. Sorry if this was a sappy one, but I like to write memories down so I'll have them "on file". 


Wake up, Mary! I'm now 13 weeks so I shouldn't be this tired. I'll need a 5 hour energy for Saturday morning... or a large cup a'jo

This is what I look like- a hard day's work in Mexico

On year 3, I had just graduated high school and Daniel was entering his senior year. I left for Camp Skyline early June and returned early July. I love camp. I actually stay in touch with a few people from Skyline- it's like we never left. When we travel to away games, Daniel and I always have a place to stay. All of my friends (except the faithful, Maggie Chase) live in an SEC college town. It's quite convenient!  Daniel and I rarely talked while I was at camp. I can remember coming in from sports class everyday and checking my phone (big brick Nokia under my pillow) to see if Daniel had text messaged me - love or desperate? Haha, I also remember telling Nell Cady all of my "love" problems. That was a fun night on backroads in Mentone, Alabama... orientation, of course. When I got home, Daniel and I talked more, but it wasn't until his senior year (football season). I was just starting college and turned the tables on him, "I'm a college girl. There are other boys here- blah blah blah." Was I at almost every football game? Yes. I couldn't stay away. 

Camp Skyline 2007 - Bevshack Beauties

Nell Cady and Amanda Wallace Ew (graduate of RTS!)at Wing Stop - our favorite place in Fort Payne... probably the ONLY place.

Sock War - "Super Trooper Power"

The first time he actually showed public affection was his last football game at Centreville Academy. They barely lost that game. I can even tell you what I wore- surprise surprise. After the game he gave me a long hug. I was on CLOUD 11! I looked up and ... never mind, we won't go into ex-girlfriends, but it was a sweet sweet time for us. I was so glad he finally showed public affection after talking on the phone for 3 years. I am SO thankful we started off as friends then got serious. We knew each other so well- I want to go back to those days when we had no responsibilities. I would love to watch Daniel play one more game of football - I loved it! Also, I'm pretty sure I was awarded my 1,000 point ball at my senior night when we played Copiah... ask Daniel if he was there :) He will never hear the end of it. Although, he did make it for Sweetheart that night. Hmmm... a night we will all remember. 

playing put put in Baton Rouge one summer night

Daniel's All-star game at Mississippi College

my all-star game at MC - MacAnally, Force and Gray
wish i would've known you better, Host!

1,000 point ball against Copiah... Daniel was a little late :)At half-time of this game we pulled a "wrong way" play - hilarious. 

eating at El Sombrero in Byram

playing with the pups on a Saturday after a Friday night football game

Sorry for not responding to Facebook messages, text messages or e-mails. I would love to talk to each one of you so I want to respond genuinely. Hope to see you all Saturday. 
Hopefully today was my last day in Baton Rouge.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have been sleeping so much lately - what is wrong with me? Little peach must be making all types of fingernails and toenails this week. 

4 days until the big day! On year 4, Daniel and I celebrated in New Orleans. When we had a lot of money to blow We walked around town all day, ate lunch at Masparo's (Daniel's first muffaletta), shopped in the French Quarter, found Daniel suspenders on Magazine, then had a wonderful meal at Arnaud's. I can remember Daniel shielding my eyes on Bourbon Street. A man behind us said, "Did you see that???" I looked and Daniel got so frustrated with the trash of Bourbon. Needless to say, we never go on Bourbon anymore - I'm ok with that! After a long day in New Orleans, we ran into Julie Tigrett and Anna Pollock. This was right after freshman year, before Anna transferred. I thought it was so bizarre to see them walking around New Orleans by themselves. This was probably the first picture Julie and I took :) It's all history now! I can't wait to see Julie and Anna on Saturday. I miss y'all dearly! 

Year 4:
A day in New Orleans - we will also honeymoon in NOLA for 2 days. Thanks to my gracious aunt and uncle (Judy and Lonny Myles). 

4 BFF years! haha


Daniel really wanted suspenders. Where are they now? Probably in the garbage.


Julie, me and Anna

We were so ready to pick Jill up from the airport.

The TULANE colors are in honor of my oldest sister(Tulane homecoming queen 2003-2004)and her TULANE med school husband - Riley and Robert. Can a girl brag a little?


Monday, July 25, 2011


We were in Grand Cayman on a mission trip during year 5! It was a beautiful place, but I was so weak (devil stopped me from doing the Lord's work). That month before, I had been in North Carolina - best summer of my life. I had grown so much in the Word and was so excited to teach. Daniel and I were "on the rocks" that trip because of my selfish nature. That hindered me from doing work and even speaking about the Bible. It was a God glorifying trip and ultimately changed people's lives. I am so thankful we went, but I was so dumb. I know this probably doesn't make sense to a lot of people, but ... we have made it through the good and bad times. Believe me. 

Year 5:
Grand Cayman Mission Trip: VBS, Disciple Now and Day Camp

5 more days! Picked up my dress today, bought pillows, picked up tablecloth, washed glasses and dishes, found music (finally!), new make-up, new clothes, quality time with my MOH, orders for rehearsal dinner and heading to bed! 

Can't wait to see Daniel's face when I walk down the isle on Saturday - SONG IS PERFECT


Yes, I'm still awake. My afternoon nap messed my sleeping habits up. New idea... I will blog every day until the wedding. There are 6 days left (kinda) and we met 7 years ago. I just did year 7 so here goes the countdown. 

Year 6:
Surprised me with flowers at Curry Pharmacy... card read, "BFFs"

Daniel also worked at a pharmacy... too bad we're not pharmacists! 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

the bar

Shout-out to my older sister, 
for taking the bar tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday! 

My advice, "Just pass!" 
Proud of you, Jabots!

i need thee every hour

I keep telling myself I'm going to blog more than once a week, but I can't slow down to get my thoughts together. 

Last weekend, Kelli's mom (Mawee), Kelli Dart and Jessie (Kelli's sister) and I headed to Denham Springs to antique shop! I love going to Denham and especially spending time with the Whites. Daniel and I really got to know Mawee last year at youth camp. She was begging Daniel to go ahead and propose. Needless to say, she was really excited when she found out we were getting married. Anyway, this place was going out of business and I found this really cute piece of furniture! It will be a PERFECT TV stand. 

Natalie, Patrick, Mawee, me and Daniel at Lee University

Jessi White and Josephine Dart

New piece - only picture!

On Sunday momma left for DC. She was there until Thursday for work. I was so glad she got to experience different scenery this month. She has been more than WONDERFUL with all the wedding planning! I usually don't make decisions, because I know she has good taste. It's probably bad to put all the planning on my mom, but I have no idea where to start. I also thought it would be cheaper (and more personal) to have the wedding at our house. Turns out, it was way more expensive here, but at least it's going toward the house and not a reception hall. I don't feel too too bad because my mom will have a "new" house after next weekend. It looks so good!! Now stop raining. 

 Momma's tourist pictures 

Senior night at Silliman (softball)

On Wednesday, I moved my furniture/ frames/ bedding/ etc. to Starkville! We weren't able to move in until Sunday (today), but it was good quality time with my "deed-ie". He picked me up around 6:30ish and we were on our way. The drive was more fun than loading and unloading all the furniture - duh. Dad and I got to talk about life, wedding, the bank, AAU basketball, Silliman and LSU sports, of course. I really enjoyed the 4 hour drive with my dad. I'm sure that will be the last time we take a father/daughter road-trip. My fondest memories with my dad have to be trips to see Riley play AAU summer basketball in College Station (Texas A&M). I was 10 years old and made every trip to A&M (even John Preston's football camps). I can remember begging daddy to go bowling. We went twice in one day - I was am so spoiled. Our favorite place to eat was "Deluxe Diner"  by A&M's campus. One day we ventured out to Washington on the Brazos. We passed a sign that read, "Nudist Colony" and if you know my dad AT ALL, you know he embarrassed me. I will never forget those trips. On with the story... we unloaded all the furniture into Daniel's apartment on Wednesday. Lunch was at my favorite place in Starkville, Lil Doey's. After lunch, dad went on his way. I'm sure he was exhausted when he got to Zachary, LA.

Back to Starkville!

This never happens.

jamming Daniel's apartment

LSU/Mississippi State game

Washington on the Brazos

After this, daddy tried to invite us to a black family reunion... embarrassed, again. 


Tried to find pictures of Riley playing AAU, but I don't want to venture to the attic. I googled her and here's Tulane's article on Riley being recruited. 

Riley's tournament in Orlando

Those 2 days were so much fun! I got to catch up with newly engaged, Lauren Host, lunch with Miss Jenni Lynn Tabb and sleepovers with Shelley Pensworth. That night we ate dinner at Peppers, got Local Culture and red boxed Country Strong. It was a very relaxing night for the both of us. Thursday was dreadful. I had printed off 10 resumes and planned to hit various places for jobs. I was so scared. Before I went into businesses or agencies, I just took a deep breath and swallowed my pride. After the 6th resume, I called it quits. I had sent in a lot over the internet and felt like I ran out of businesses to nag. After running around in the rain, I had lunch with Jenni Lynn Tabb at Oby's. The food was good, but the company was great. I cannot believe she and Whitney will be seniors... just blows my mind. Jenni Lynn is always positive and easy going. She lifts my spirits and reminds me everything will be just perfect. Can't wait to see you on Saturday, JLT

LSU game - Anna, Sally Beth, Jessica, me, Jenni Lynn and Whitney

Swap Sophomore year - Whitney, me and Jenni Lynn

Bid Day 2008 - me, Whitney, Jenni Lynn and Anna Clemmer

Saturday night, Daniel, Tyler, Crawford, Shelley, Thomas and me went to La Terraza... for some reason I wanted mexican really bad. Yes, I soon regretted every bite, but whatever.  It was delicious. After mexican we went to Local Culture... why? I do not know. Before we got there, my friend, Kameryn told me the fetus was a PEACH. So what type of frozen yogurt do you think I got??? PEACH! It was only appropriate - good night with great friends! 

Please get her to tell you the story of the pick-up line... poor guy. 

Strombolis got a face lift - I'm indifferent

Shelley found a recliner!

Daniel torturing Tyler... are you surprised?

what we did for 2 days - laughed 

Crawford, coors or sangria? Kidding.

I love this. Daniel looks miserable as he writes a tip - typical. 

Friday morning was very stressful for me. I had a meeting with my advisor, Jan Cooper Taylor at 9 AM. I was so scared of what she was going to tell me. Like I said before, I have finished all of my classes, but I am required to finish an internship with youth to graduate. I currently have 208 of 480 hours completed. I started off the conversation as, "I understand if this won't work out. I can do a new internship next year." I was giving up. She quickly told me not to. We researched options and talked about how this degree would pay off for my family in the long run. All yesterday I was so uptight about getting a job and today she tells me I won't be able to have a job. Can you imagine what was going through my mind? "I know I need to finish school. I need a job to eat. I want to provide for Daniel. My mom and dad will make sure I graduate. I am so close to finishing. I need a job." Of course I was a total basket-case and hormones were running wild. Dr. Taylor told me I would need to complete a research project (hard work) for First Presbyterian Church in Jackson that would be worth 100 hours. I looked at the layout and loved the topics I was going to write about. That wasn't work for me - discipline to read and research more. Then she tells me I can "work" at Community Counseling to get my other 200 hours. It would be free labor, but what internships aren't these days? The good part about community counseling is, I'll be done in October!

Me, Dr. Taylor and Anna Brantley

Hopefully I can babysit for November and half of December. We'll see how everything works out! I was so scared to tell Daniel that morning I would not have a job. At first, he didn't understand, but realized I needed to finish school. He was great about it and all I could do was cry. I felt like I let him down and our family. This will be a major growing time in the Word for Daniel and me. We will need to trust God more than ever as we live in Starkville... without income and spending savings. Sacrifice will be my best friend - ok, I'm learning. It's going to be hard, but we can do it... even if it's without cable... or a honeymoon. Daniel told me on the way home, "He provided us a place to live... do you not think He's going to provide in the future? We need to learn how to trust." He hit the nail on the head. I was losing trust and looking down. Daniel and my family were very supportive of me finishing my degree at Mississippi State

(ultimate sacrifice)


Just took a nice nap - recovering from the busy week. Mom and Mark are currently talking to the caterer in the living room, but I'm not ready to jump back into wedding stuff right now. I'll pretend I'm still asleep... oops. 

Daniel and I were really pushed for time on Friday. Robert Roth, jeweler in Baton Rouge, made our wedding bands. He was closing at 6 PM... for a week. We made it there just in time then had dinner with my dad and Mrs. Charel at Palmetto Grill (location of the rehearsal dinner). I was so glad Daniel got to eat there before next Friday - it was delicious! I got my favorite, shrimp and grits. I know this little peach is going to love seafood, grits and cereal. That's all I have eaten... ok, and a lot of chicken salad. After dinner, we headed to Clinton to see my mom and Mr. Henry. I was ready to sit and talk with momma since she'd been gone since Sunday. I missed her so much! 

Riley's wedding last May

Senior brunch at the Chi Omega house

Daniel and I went to sleep early, because we had ENGAGEMENT pictures the next morning at 10 AM in Baton Rouge. I was really excited about these pictures. I knew Jeannie would be quick and traditional. I love black and white pictures. They bring me back to my childhood. After the shoot, Jeanie did something she calls "not professional". She gave me a CD. I wanted some engagement pictures at the wedding and this was the only way for mom and me to choose. These are not retouched so don't look too closely. All in all, the pictures turned out great! I am ready to see the wedding proofs now :)

my favorite!

After lunch, we ran a few errands then had lunch with Kelly Mills and his friend, Claire. We really enjoyed catching up with them about the summer - Kelly had no idea about sir or madam peach. He kept telling us to get a dog before having a kid. Daniel and I would just look at each other and laugh. They're off to see Kelly's twin brother, Keegan, in Cashiers, North Carolina today. Keegan, Daniel's little Sigma Chi brother, is in the PGA program at Mississippi State and currently doing an internship in Cashiers. Seeing them brought a little bit of MSU home. 

Keegan and Daniel

group that came down for the MSU/LSU game - at the Mills' house

Saturday afternoon was Marley Marie's 1st birthday party! Marley is Jaye Marley's (Betsy's brother) little girl. Everyone went to Mama Nan's for a pool party and food. Marley had the best time and the cutest flower pot cake! This makes me want a girl. Their clothes are precious... and you can never have enough of them, right? We were talking earlier and my mom is going to love being a grandmother. She can't contain herself when it comes to baby clothes... I'm ok with that!

birthday girl and her momma!

Saturday was a productive day for everyone. Mom's friends had volunteered to also clean the house on Saturday. They all (14ish) got here around 8:30 and a few stayed until 7ish. Our house is spotless... like nothing in the drawers and closets cleaned out. It's so nice! I am so thankful they came to help momma. People in Clinton have this drive to help - I guess that's because there's nothing else to do. Thanks to everyone who helped clean the house! I am scared to touch anything this week. 

5 days!

new brick

Mrs. Jeffrie washing dishes

dining room

new headboard 

Today, Sunday, has been so lazy. I debated on going to church, but I couldn't. Last Sunday the older women in the church made me cry- not a bad cry. At the welcome they told me how much they loved me and so on. They cried, then I cried - not really ready for all the attention at church. I KNOW everyone means well, but I go to a smaller church where everyone wants to tell you they love you. That's GREAT and all, but I wanted to fade into the background. So after breakfast, Daniel left and headed back to Starkville with all our gifts. Six more days and we can finally stop leaving each other - what a day that will be! I hate telling him bye. For lunch, Judy, Mama Nan, momma and Sue cooked a large (we can never cook for just 35, it has to be for 60 - at least) meal. We were celebrating Bennett, Talmadge and Marley's birthdays. The food was DELICIOUS. The dessert probably pushed me into that sugar coma I just woke up from... homemade ice cream, bread pudding, chocolate cake and an ice cream cake. I should be on the LGN (look good naked) diet, but I couldn't help myself. I love food. After lunch, we cleared off the kitchen table and made bird seed bags. The old tradition must carry on. It was a family affair and I appreciate everyone who helped! 

Marley's first $100 from Mama Nan

My favorite part about the wedding is unwrapping gifts :) Every day we get more gifts delivered in Clinton. It excites me to open them then send Daniel pictures. Thank you notes aren't the best, but it's worth it! 

Well, the little PEACH is 3 inches long, I suppose. I am slowly gaining weight and using the restroom during the night (annoying). Daniel and I talk a a lot about the little peanut, but I'm still not comfortable with everything. On the way to Starkville, dad and I started talking about insurance, money, baby, etc. I explained to him that I was numb to the whole baby situation. I know that sounds crazy and unloving, but I am not a baby person. He told me I wasn't excited because I have a wedding in a week, but I barely think about it. I don't hold babies, none of them are cute to me... I'm just numb to the whole idea of actually having one. When people ask I tend to change the subject. I hope to get more excited after the wedding. It's sad when I think about not having feelings, but I can't make my emotions change. With Daniel being so anxious, it helps my mindset. I can't wait to see his face on Saturday :) 

I apologize for not adding scripture and encouragement throughout this post. I will be honest, I have been neglecting the most important thing. I wake up thinking, "What do I need to get done?" rather than, "Thank you, Lord for another day to worship You." It's a struggle for me right now. The Word is the only thing I NEED and I'm doing everything except studying it. This wedding will pass, but the Word is everlasting. Child, you're forgiven and loved. Please pray for Daniel and me as we prepare for the baby peach and guidance. We are very serious about raising a child by Biblical principles. It will be very hard, but I know we can do it. 

Thank you for reading these flighty posts - I promise they will be more organized when we settle down. I am just all over the map. Love you all

i need thee every hour.