Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Distressing Furniture

Thank you for all for the positive feedback from the headboard. It was a lot of fun to make! I can now see where jobs could consume people. When I did work, I dreaded it (I was also pregnant). I loved my coworkers and clients, but it wasn't my absolute passion. Now, I can't sleep, because I'm thinking of my next project. This is terrible, because I desperately need sleep. 

As I'm leaned against my headboard (at 11:46 at night), I would suggest you put the extra 2x4s on the bottom to make it even with the 2x4 on the top (unless you use the metal french cleat). If you do use the metal one, let me know how it works.

On to my next project.

Since mom bought me this great fabric to make pillows, 

I needed to change up our living room. (It's SO MUCH better, let me tell you. It needed a good rug.) I have enjoyed rearranging it. I told Daniel on Saturday night that I really wanted to paint the big, red... thing. I guess it's a ... TV stand? Anyway, it's huge and did not match. 
I can't believe I let that rug stay for so long. (This was taken in January)

Saturday night - Anna and Juju came over! Like look at Big Red in the back. Huge. 

Back to my story... my husband looked at me and said, "No." That "No" as in, I know you're already going to do it. Sunday morning, Harper Lee woke up at 7:45. At 8:45, after some good "Johnny Mac" preaching (John McArthur), she was ready for a long nap. I start moving the TV, unload books upon books, DVDs, etc. 

Daniel can obviously hear me, but decided to stay in bed. He gets up with her 99.9% of the time and lets me sleep, but I decided I would get up with her (so I could get a head start). Once I finally did all of the hard work, I ask him to help me move it outside. He said, "This is ridiculous." I already thought of my response, because I KNEW he would say that, "I don't think you buying a rent house is ridiculous." HA. He got out of the bed and moved the piece in no time. 

So here we go! 


For a drop-cloth, I used our shower curtain. It was old, and I had already bought a new one ($3 at Wal-mart). At this point, I was feeling really thrifty (and hoped no one pulled in the driveway). 

Sand pieces that are flaking off. There were only a few on my piece, but they were in the dead center. 


I painted the first coat a darker grey (same color used on the outside of our house, like in the garage). Use a brush to get the corners and small spaces. Then use a small roller ($2 at Hudsons) to finish the big pieces. I like the finish of the roller better than the brush. I am not a good painter, by any means. 

I painted the second coat a lighter grey. I just mixed white in with the darker grey. 

I didn't have a paint tray, so I used a lunchbox. Where I come up with these things? I don't know. Daniel's reaction when using the lunchbox, "........go ahead." as he was shaking his head. Also, notice the wooden spoon I used as a paint mixer. He had the same response when I grabbed that, too. 

sleepyheads. HLS hates a flash, can you tell?

Let the 2nd coat dry for awhile. You're about to sand this baby.

STEP 4: 

Sand very liberally. I learned from Kelli! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!! My stepdad let me borrow his sander, so I turned it up as high as it would go and got after it. You can't do it on a slower speed. It will make circular designs... just turn it up. Sand all of the edges... and everywhere you think! I sanded the front of my piece and it looked like it fell and got a bo-bo. Terrible. I just rolled over it in a lighter grey. 


Hobby Lobby - Rub 'n Buff

Best purchase. This little tube is probably $15, but will last a long time. We used it on my coffee table, side table and dresser in my bedroom. It's great! I've kept it in the console of my car, just in case. I put a little on my finger and went along some edges. I tried to cover as much of the red up as possible. 

STEP 6: 
I bought the semi-gloss

Just brush it on, wait an hour and DONE. DONE. DONE. I left mine outside overnight. The smell was too strong for me to bring inside. 


How simple was that? Now we have a TV stand/bookshelf that isn't screaming at you. It matches our living room perfectly. I'm still hunting for a good chair to put in here. Hmmm... the Salvation Army IS having a huge furniture sale this Saturday. Too bad I just spent $40 at JoAnn's fabric store for my next project! I never impulse buy like that (anymore). What has gotten in to me???

distressed side table with antique gold
personalized coasters made by Lucy Baird

distressed coffee table
can't wait to get a new recliner!

photo gallery

Aspen Bay candle & great vase from my friends

old law books I found in the library's trash. since we live across the street, I have accumulated a lot of great books.
the colored balls are from the croquet set from our wedding. 

fabric for pillows that I will make... sooner or later

mom and our wedding invitation- invitation needs to come down a good 2 inches

frame in the back was $5 from Gates' in Crystal Springs. Jason fixed it up and I bought the matting from Hobby Lobby.
a Mustard Seed bulldog "piggy" bank.
yes, I need to make coverings for the wires.

Jason made this frame, too. birds were $3 each at Clinton Beauty Shop. 


Next Tutorial (if I decide to keep blogging- time consuming):
tablecloth turned to pillows

Stay tuned. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Headboard Tutorial

EEEKKKKK! I think I have been inspired to write again!

For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram or Twitter, the answer is yes. I'm still alive! For those of you who do follow me on Instagram and Twitter, the answer is no. I will not stop uploading pictures.

I have finally got back into crafting. I love it! When Harper Lee 

(yes, double name) was, hmm... 3 months old, I started going back to garage sales. I leave home around 7:00 AM while Daniel and Harper girl are still asleep. I just really enjoy finding old junk and turning it into something useful. Crafting has for sure taken flight! I think a little website called Pinterest, might have something to do with that :)
 My Pinterest boards:

Also, there's a new show on TLC called, "Craft Wars". It's a lot like "Cupcake Wars" on the Food Network. (We have at least 20 episodes of Cupcake Wars recorded. Prior to watching, we usually make a run to Gigi's Cupcakes in Ridgeland.)

 Tuesday nights @ 9:00 PM

 Anyway, I love love love to craft. I can remember going to Lacy Hill's garage sale next door when I was... 12ish, finding an old, circular, yellow tablecloth (with a big ruffle at the bottom) and asking my stepmother to make it into a swimsuit cover-up. It was awesomeeee (so I thought).

So here's my latest project: 


Kelli Dart and I made one last summer, and I have been itching to make another one. Thanks for all the tips, Kelli! From one stay-at-home mom to another. Here's the link to our projects from last summer (http://www.maryjunekennedy.blogspot.com/2011/07/2-weeks.html) I remember being hot, tired, sometimes grumpy and having several discussions with my mother about painting while I was pregnant. Speaking of my mother, I haven't talked to her in 2 days! I wonder if she's still alive. Funny how times have changed. 

 Harper lee eating baby food for the first time... squash! 

Ok, so here's how I did it!

Measure the length of your bed. Mine was a queen and measured to be 34" x 64". It was perfect! I added about 5 inches to the exact measurement of the mattress length. You can make it as tall or as short as you want. My euroshams are quite large, so I made my headboard tall(er). 

Go to the hardware store and buy an MDF board ($20).
Don't pay attention to the things on the bottom. It was to even it out, but once we put it on the wall, it didn't matter. 

It's not quite as thick as plywood. The hardware store may or may not be able to cut it. I know for a fact Lowes or Home Depot won't. Try a local hardware store! I had a family friend (Jason Hooge) in Clinton to cut it for me. Also, pick up a 2x4 (2 ft. long). You will need to cut that on a 45 degree angle. I'm sure the hardware store will cut that, too, but... if they don't, here's a MUCH EASIER way. Buy a FRENCH CLEAT at Lowes. It looks like this.

mine looked somewhat like this
Mine. Yes, I have sent all of the background to the Salvation Army... finally!

I found this handy dandy guy after the headboard was built. I could've saved Jason from extra work. It will fit perfectly and make the transition easy, if you ever wanted to switch your headboard for something new. Two more things! Buy a piece of foam board ($11) and screws (4 4” wood screws – for 2x4 into wall and 4 2.5” inch screws for 2x4 into MDF board). Not sure if they make 2.5” wood screws, but I didn’t think to ask Jason what he used. Just buy a metal French cleat ($15 Home Depot or Lowes)

Now that you have your French cleat screwed into your MDF board, it's time to cut the foam board. Lay the foam board on a level surface, and then lay the headboard on top and trace on the foam board, the shape of your headboard (sorry, long sentence)! Cut your foam board out with a box cutter. It DOES NOT have to be perfect (AT ALL). MINE WASN’T.

Next, drive to Wal-Mart. Buy 2 foam mattress pads. 

Since my bed was a queen, I bought a full ($8) and a queen ($12). I also found some batting in my mother's attic. You can buy batting at any fabric store. i would get it an inch thick. The thicker, the better, but it gets pricey. The have foam mattress pads at fabric stores, too... but they’re outrageous. Believe me, I just left one. Buy the ones from Wal-Mart.
STEP 5: 
my leftover foam board from another project. repeat, does not have to be cut perfectly.

Ok, layering! Lay the batting on the floor, queen foam mattress pad, full mattress pad, foam board, and headboard! 

STEP 6: 
Fun part! Buying fabric! Ok, pick out a great fabric! It can be trendy or timeless! The great thing about this headboard is that you can always recover it! I bought (my mother bought) 2 yards of fabric from P. Tree Fabrics in Baton Rouge. Funny how I would rather her buy me fabric over clothes... which, she bought me clothes, too. She's the best. Here are 2 sites that are great for affordable fabric:

also, painter's drop-cloth is AMAZINGGGG! 

back of my fabric

That’s what my guest bedroom headboard is made out of. I’m currently making curtains out of them!  

Iron your fabric. Just do it.

[9/16" staples]
Go to town with your staple gun! This was somewhat tricky. Since my fabric was a pattern, I had to line everything up. After you do that, start in the center (of whatever side). The corners were probably the hardest part. But come on, it's not that hard to staple fabric to a piece of wood. For the corners, look at this website... but it's not a big deal. http://www.ehow.com/how_5839305_upholster-corners-headboard.html Turn it over and... YOU'RE DONE! (Almost)

Nail the french cleat to your wall. Place the headboard on your wall and ... wah-la! Your new headboard! The french cleat is great! I thought about nailing one to an old, painted door and making another headboard. It's so much easier than making a stand (if you don't mind screwing into a stud on your wall.) The gentleman at Lowes recommended a 4" screw. Daniel drilled a hole into the wall (after 2 hours of measuring -- not sure why it took him that long). Then, he drilled a hole through the 2x4. It was really easy to get the screws in the wall after that. 

STEP 10:
I hope this wasn't too confusing :( I talk to an infant all day, and my brain is in 5,000,000 directions… and I’m typing vigorously while she’s sleeping.

Recap of Cost:
MDF Board - $20
2x4 - $3
Mattress Pads - $20
Foam Board - $11
Batting - ?? $20??
Staples - $3
Fabric - DEPENDS on you!

You can also buy a button pack at Michaels, JoAnn's, etc. to tuft the headboard. 

Just drill holes in the back (through the wood and foam board). Take a long upholstery needle and thread the buttons through. Double thread the needle. You can make whatever shape you want! Just buy a jigsaw (Wish List!) and get to crafting. Ahhh.... I wish I could do this all day. I feel like I'm on speed, because I get so giddy talking about projects. 

If you would like me to make you one, I would LOVE to. Just send me 2 yards of fabric (if a queen headboard) and a check to cover the expenses. Really, I want to.

Big shoutout to the Tigretts for allowing me to use their drill, charger, extension cord and everything else. They're a great example of Matthew 10:8, "Freely you have received, freely give."

Next Tutorial: 

  my Sunday afternoon project!

Have a great night! It’s good to be back in the blogging world.