Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy 87th Birthday!

Happy 87th Birthday to my grandmother, 
Mary "June" Kennedy!

I wish you could all meet her. She never complains, but always encourages. I still enjoy getting handwritten letters from her. She solely keeps the post office in business. I am so thankful my parents named me after her. 

I will always remember her great cooking skills, faithfulness to God's word (taught Sunday school for over 60 years), and her love for the Atlanta Braves. She watches every game on her new Braves channel, gets the Braves magazine and my uncle sends her the post game report (obviously, after every game). Maw-maw June is someone Daniel and I both look up to. She's the glue to our family (dad's side). 

Also, I am writing this post in purple, her favorite color. Maw-maw always leaves a conversation with "Send Daniel my love." and seals a letter with, "I love you very much!"  I wish we were closer to her... and the rest of my family. 
She's currently reading this on her new iPad. Now, tell me she's not cool? 

P.S. I am just as thankful for my other loving grandmother, but it's not her birthday. 

P.S.S. The doctor visit today was great. Nothing has changed. I'll be induced on Wednesday, February 1st (Dr is leaving for Disney on the 2nd - how fun!). I hoped he would keep me today, because it was maw-maw's birthday. That would've been really special! Thanks again for all of the encouragement! 

1 week left! Daniel and I are on pins and needles. Pictures of the house and nursery to come!

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