Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Day to Remember

[4 months]
Miss Harper Lee Sims

Whew! Has it really been a year? Why yes. Yes, it has been a year. A full year. A year of ups, downs, surprises and mercy. A year ago today was what I thought the "worst day of my life". Catch that, "I thought"? June 5, 2011 was a life changing day. I vividly remember everything of that specific day. To think it was a year ago is absolutely mind boggling.

Daniel walked in after work yesterday, talked to his ever-so encouraging brother on the phone, then immediately jumped into conversation. A conversation about discipline. He told me his best memory of us was when I told him I was pregnant. (Can you just imagine my face?) I was quick to say, "What??? Out of all the memories, you choose that one?" He said, "Yes. That one. At that very place in time, I knew the Lord loved us. Mary, He disciples those He loves. [Hebrews 12:6] We had been caught in sin, needed to get married and right then and there, He disciplined us." Me, being the sinner I am, responded with, "But Daniel, that was not very fun until Harper arrived." Him, being the rational thinker, said, "That's it. That's discipline. It's not fun in the beginning, but He does it for our good." Going back in time, after the news settled in, we felt the love from our heavenly Father. It was a sense of "you're wanted" (as Mr. Bebo Elkin reminded me).

[4 months]

[2 months]

Daniel then went on to describe our situation as to Adam and Eve. In the beginning, Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden- a beautiful place. Life was not good; it was great. They were soon tempted by satan to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Eve (and Adam) gave into satan's lies (like us) and were quickly disciplined. God did not just abandon them. What did He do? He clothed them. Finding fig leaves, Adam and Eve now had clothes. In no way am I saying Adam and Eve are modern day Daniel and Mary, BUT the story is an illustration of how the Lord never leaves us. When we look back in time, Daniel and I see nothing but an abundance of blessings. The Lord has clothed us with two degrees, a job, a house and many more things. When we think about this house, we remember it was all in God's hands. Daniel and I are thankful for the good area we live in, I can stay home with Harper and he has a job. If I have said it once on this blog, I have said it 50,000 times, we are truly truly blessed.

Harper has rocked our world (in a good way)! Sure, we haven't been able to live the lifestyle all of our friends are living, but that does not matter. When you become a parent, this role of self-forgetfulness comes upon you. No, I am not humble, but my husband and my child come first. I wouldn't want it any other way. Motherhood has been life-changing. I didn't think I could love another human being the way I/we love Harper. When she smiles, we are reminded of the Lord's grace, mercy and discipline.

[4 months]

That day, June 5 2011, will forever be with me. I can now look back and be thankful. Thankful for a new life. Thankful I had a doctor who didn't encourage alternatives. Thankful Harper is healthy. Thankful for parents who understood. Thankful for siblings that supported us. Thankful for First Presbyterian Church in Jackson who offered everything to Daniel and me. Thankful to be shown grace by so many. Thankful for jobs. Thankful for a God fearing husband. Thankful for a new baby cousin today (awaiting the delivery!). Thankful for ... you name it. We are genuinely thankful.

[3 months]

Along with being thankful, I truly appreciate all of you for following our story. Since Harper has been on a schedule for a few weeks, Momma has some down time. Maybe I'll blog, maybe I won't. As you can tell, it's been a long year, and I might take a little break :) We'll be beach-bound soon for Jill's wedding, and CAN NOT WAIT. Do you hear me?