Sunday, January 22, 2012

Clinton Baby Shower

The baby shower in Clinton (January 14) was absolutely perfect. A big "THANK YOU" goes to Meaghan Burk, Mrs. Donna Hand, Mrs. Pepper White, Renee Beadle, Kameryn Kline, Mary Dunaway, Rachel Little and Crissy Crain! The shower was at the Hand's house and was decorated so cute! They (Meaghan) just had a baby boy, so a little pink was welcomed! 

Renee's cupcake creation

Mrs. Donna's diaper cake

brunch, my favorite

about to pop!

Liam, holding down the fort

Thank you!!!

cute bloomers

clothes, clothes and clothes

my awesome grandmas

Mary "June" Kennedy and Jill

Daniel and I felt so relieved after this shower. We now have a car seat, pack-n-play, swing, plenty of cute clothes, diaper genie, air purifier, bloomers, more clothes, nic-naks, bottles, mattress pad, bedding, etc! I was thrilled when mom and Jill brought it up on Sunday. We could finally start decorating her room! 

UPDATE: Our second childbirth class was so insightful. We learned all about newborn care. Daniel likes to say the classes don't help, but they really do. We both learned a lot about what to do once Harper is home. In other news, I went to my weekly check-up last Wednesday- everything looks great. Harper has dropped and could come any day. I did lose some weight (pre-labor sign). My body is getting ready for labor... maybe that's why I'm not sleeping?? I have gotten used to watching Daniel sleep, talk in his sleep and anxiously awaiting his alarm to go off. Back to baby... she's approximately 7 pounds and still the size of a watermelon. I can't decide if I'm ready for her to come yet. Ya know, it's really not up to me. Whenever she decides to come will be just perfect. We are packed and ready! 

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