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When I first got started on Harper's nursery, Daniel reminded me (again and again) that it would not look anything  like the nurseries I pinned on Pinterest. 

I knew that, but had a certain image in my mind. I wanted it all white with accents of seafoam green and gold. Yeah... plans change. It turned out perfect, though! With hard work from my mom, Daniel and somewhat me, we finished it this week! Her valance rod came in Tuesday (same night as our last childbirth class). I told Daniel we wouldn't go if he would just hang the rod. He was quick to say, "OKAY!". This week's class was on breathing. We had to bring pillows. I wouldn't want to go if I were him either. After we got that hung, it was COMPLETE! Hallelujah! Although she will not be sleeping in her bed for the first months, I was still anxious about finishing. Here are some pictures of the process. I'll show the before pictures when I post about the house. Hopefully I'll get to that before she gets here. 
Enjoy :)

#1 I am NOT a pink person, but I felt bad not giving her any pink. The wall color is very light. Here's a picture of mom and Daniel hanging the curtains. Thanks, grandma Jack!

Julie and Daniel lowering her bed - harder than it looks. Thanks, Julie!

I love it!

38 weeks

Isn't it beautiful? Yeah, I wish it were mine. My cousin's wife is from Columbia, South America and had it handmade. It's beautiful! Thank you for letting us borrow it, Maria!

Here we go...

Daniel and I will sit and talk in here at night. It's a sweet time.

iPhone picture - curtains!

I have a feeling after she's born and accumulates more things, this room will be full. Might take the "HLS" down. 

My favorite! The letter, "H" was supposed to go over her bed, but the cadillac bed was too big for the wall. It's so pretty! I imagine the pictures in the frames will change after she's born, too. 

Ah, her bed and blanket. Thanks for both, grandma Jack!

He won't be lonely for long. Thanks for the super soft bunny, Maggie Chase! We love it!

Dainty, Miss Sims

 Her hospital/overnight bag matches her chair

 When Daniel saw where her TOMS were, he freaked. His response was, "You're going to knock all of the glitter off!" Whoa... he is already protecting Harper (even her sparkly TOMS).

 One pair for the summer and one for the winter - thank you, Julie, Mrs. Mary Leta, Mrs. Michele and Anna!

 a PrayersOnTheSide painting

Anne of Green Gables, Peter Pan and Huckleberry Finn
The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon

Guess who? I think this was done at the Arts Festival in Clinton one year.

Harper Lee's very own "To Kill a Mockingbird" by her book-reading aunt, Jill 

FYI: Harper Lee was also a Chi Omega

I love to organize and reorganize her closet

Yes, she has 18 mo. dresses. I can't stop myself.  

some of her blankets and my sling

my little bayou bengal 

...and our little State puppy!

I had to- her first Lilly! Thanks, Jilly!

Hats, socks and panties... growing up I wore hats and those panties until I outgrew William's Store (but really). I wish I were home so I could find old pictures. 

drawer of kissy kissies!

Riley and Robert have a sense of humor - her first towel
Thank you!

 Last, but not least... her awesome diaper bag from Jill. (Geez, Jill... I'm glad you have a good job.) It's a Timi and Leslie - meaning, I can use it as a purse when I'm done! Done, as in we won't be having kids for a while. When we do, I can imagine their face... 
"So, you blogged about Harper, monogrammed her clothes, decorated a nursery, and she has a baby book. What about me?"

I'm pretty sure I said those exact words about my oldest sister, Riley... and my dad said that to my grandmother. Tough being the 4th child (just kidding)! We will love the next just as we love Harper... just not sure I'll have time to document everything. 

That's all folks! Thanks for stopping by and reading this blog. I really can't believe in 6 days she'll be here. Time is flying. Please keep us in your prayers. 

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
John 14:27

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  1. Oh Mkks it is just perfect!!!! I cannot WAIT for her arrival!!!!!!! Love her so much already and you so much too!! Cannot wait to see you as a momma!! You are going to be the best one out of all of us I can assure you!! (and i am not just saying that either!!!!) I love you so much and i wish nothing more than to be at that hospital the moment she is born but know i will be there in spirit!! love you to death!!!!! you are going to be fabulous!!!!