Monday, January 23, 2012

A Name

Again, there's so much thought that goes into a name. I was indecisive (like obsessive compulsive over a name) for months. After Thanksgiving we returned to Starkville for a Mississippi State basketball game. During the game, I got 2 text messages asking what her name would be. Daniel got tired of it exhausting me and decided on Harper Lee Sims. That was one of our options, but not a definite. Now, I love the name Harper Lee! It will soon fit her. 

HARPER, Daniel's middle name, comes from his great grandmother Harper (mom's side) and great great grandmother on his dad's side. 

LEE comes from my grandfather (dad's side) and Daniel's mom's middle name is Lee. It just worked. We originally wanted a Biblical name, but maybe the next one can be. 

Our options were:

Kennedy Sims
Mary Harper Sims
Mary Preston Sims
John Harper Sims - if it were a boy
Jane Harper Sims
Harper Kathleen Sims
Drew ____ Sims - I love Drew as a girl's name
Harper Bennett Sims 
Mary Bennett Sims
Nan Kennedy Sims - love Nan!
Harper Lee Sims
Harper Nan Sims

(photo by: Anna Miller, George and Wait Herrod)

Only 1 week and 2 days left! 

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