Thursday, July 28, 2011

Two... ONE!


Two years in our "friendship" I was entering into my senior year and Daniel's junior year. Now that I'm thinking about it, that was the year Copiah won State in football. I don't have a picture with him - although I did stay in Crystal Springs that night. Here it goes, mom... I think you were on a trip and I drove to Clinton, MS... by myself. I also had a basketball game in Bowling Green the next day. So I woke up early, took backroads and made it in time for shoot around - I'm sure I managed to leave shorts, a shoe, deodorant, jersey, razor, something! I hope my lemon is nothing like me when it comes to organization (or packing). Sorry about being on the road, but I could not miss the championship game. I can also tell you what I wore to that game. Nevermind, I do have pictures. Let me just tell you, this was after basketball practice AND it was raining - good days

Can't find them - that's probably a good thing. Here's one of Daniel and the junior class, #10 baby... haha! I would be sore the next day from being tense the whole game. I would just hold my breath when he threw it... or yell, "Daniel!" under my breath. 

Here is one picture Daniel loves from that time period. We just got home from watching an LSU game at Adam Elam's house. I love that he is wearing a "Rick's Rowdies" t-shirt. 

Daniel and I were heading to Death Valley one Saturday morning - with a monsoon. I told him to park by The Varsity, but we were tailgating at the soccer fields (at least 2 miles apart). He got a little upset with me, but we made it. Before the game started, we decided to not go in - we were soaked. I remember calling Kameryn and asking what their plans were. We decided to drive to Jackson, LA and watch the game at Adam's. It ended up being a nail bitter (like all LSU games) and we should've stayed. Oh well, LSU won! 

My birthday is March 27, 1989. My mom threw me a surprise party when I was turning... 16? I had absolutely no idea. She got Katie, Jessica and Taylor to take me to Pride for a couple of hours... Pride? I was so confused. When I got back there were so many people in my hall. I had been in the worst mood all day. After hugging a few people, I saw Daniel in the back. I screamed, "DANIEL'S HERE!" He was so embarrassed. I went straight to the back and gave him the biggest hug - that meant the world to me. After that, I said "And my dad... is in my hall... in my house." I quickly changed and enjoyed the party! I think my phone had been seized (probably why I was in a bad mood) by my mom earlier in the week so Daniel and Colter got me a fake pink cell phone. I still have it... with the card. I will never forget that day. 

Daniel, me and Colter (usher)

Jonelle, Mr. Danny, Daniel and me- pre jaw surgery! 

HALF a year - it flew by! After knowing each other for a couple of months I asked Daniel to Homecoming. We were conveniently playing Copiah that night (and got beat). I was so nervous. I had ordered a funky dress off of the internet, but when I found out he was able to come, Mama Nan picked up a shorter one at Eros, haha. I was so dumb. Can you imagine how nervous I was the whole football game? I had made puppy chow for him to bring home and mom cooked her famous corn and crab soup. I love big events because everyone comes to our house to hang out. I hope people come as they please to my house one day. It's more fun that way... even if they are coming to get ice :) ....Jeffrie.

i love this. 

WHERE IT ALL STARTED... Glorieta, New Mexico.

I had gone to church camp with my home church in early June. I really wanted to go with Bluff Creek Baptist (church I grew up in) to Glorieta, but all the spots were full. The night before, Jessica Ballard (childhood friend), backed out. Praise the Lord! I was next on the list to go. Thankfully, Jessica had raised all of her support and my trip was practically free. Since the beginning of 9th grade, I had started to pray for my husband - wherever he was. I would think about it every night and genuinely pray for a Christian husband. Before we left for camp, I VIVIDLY remember praying for a good friend. I know that sounds cheesy, but I did. It was almost a dream. Once we got to camp, we split off into groups. Bennett Wilson was actually in my group. We started talking about the MPSA and introducing friends. The next day, my track was basketball then aerobics. Daniel's was frisbee (??) and softball. Any way, he skipped frisbee to come play basketball with Bennett. I was the team captain and picked he and Bennett to be on my team. We started playing and I just fell in love with his left handed shot - KIDDING! I offered him water and he didn't take it (he really remembers that- for some reason). So we were in the wrong places at the right time. He also became friends with Devan Moody (Silliman boy). I remember them throwing the football before dinner one night... weird. With all that being said, it was by God's divine providence that we met. I wouldn't change anything.

I am so thankful I was able to go on the trip and meet Daniel. It's fun to reflect and see how much God has done. He ordained this relationship from the beginning. 

can i get an "amen" for jaw surgery? we were just babies.

Sammy Nuckolls (80s night)- always said he would officiate our wedding. he speaks at the BSU at MSU often. we love to hear him speak!

Richard Henley

playing in the mud at Glorieta

Bluff Creek Baptist Youth Group - Mrs. Dee is actually making Daniel's groom's cake for the wedding. she used to bring us to Copiah games and pep rallies- so much fun!

the boys all brushed their teeth with the same toothbrush and cup of water... the last one (caleb coarsey) drank it. disgusting! they were very popular around camp.

my notebook from camp - what we did before cell phones

Well, it's finally here folks. Daniel will take 2 tests tomorrow and head to Clinton! People have been here all day cleaning, moping, vacumming, decorating, landscaping, pressure washing (shout out to Austin Hand), etc. I know they're tired! Thank you for all your hard work! 

Also, it's 0% CHANCE OF RAIN FOR SATURDAY! This girl is HAPPY :) 

Oh yeah, the lemon is now, 3 inches and 1.5 ounces. I'm convinced he/she stopped the rain for us. Thank you, my little friend. 
Starting to look like me already... wheels on it's butt. 

READY FOR TOMORROW AND SATURDAY! I hope we can take it all in. This only happens once :)

You may now kiss the bride.

Goodnight faithful blog readers. Sorry if this was a sappy one, but I like to write memories down so I'll have them "on file". 

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  1. You have MAD WRITING SKILLS, Mary!! I've really enjoyed reading your blog and am in awe at your vision in life. You have grown into one precious young lady. I know you've brought your parents so much JOY and will bring them so much more; they are so proud of you!!! After I LOL, literally, I have to tell you...even today it is STILL disgusting!!! Have a WONDERFUL day today and everyday!! CONTINUE to let your LIGHT SHINE sweet girl!!!!