Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have been sleeping so much lately - what is wrong with me? Little peach must be making all types of fingernails and toenails this week. 

4 days until the big day! On year 4, Daniel and I celebrated in New Orleans. When we had a lot of money to blow We walked around town all day, ate lunch at Masparo's (Daniel's first muffaletta), shopped in the French Quarter, found Daniel suspenders on Magazine, then had a wonderful meal at Arnaud's. I can remember Daniel shielding my eyes on Bourbon Street. A man behind us said, "Did you see that???" I looked and Daniel got so frustrated with the trash of Bourbon. Needless to say, we never go on Bourbon anymore - I'm ok with that! After a long day in New Orleans, we ran into Julie Tigrett and Anna Pollock. This was right after freshman year, before Anna transferred. I thought it was so bizarre to see them walking around New Orleans by themselves. This was probably the first picture Julie and I took :) It's all history now! I can't wait to see Julie and Anna on Saturday. I miss y'all dearly! 

Year 4:
A day in New Orleans - we will also honeymoon in NOLA for 2 days. Thanks to my gracious aunt and uncle (Judy and Lonny Myles). 

4 BFF years! haha


Daniel really wanted suspenders. Where are they now? Probably in the garbage.


Julie, me and Anna

We were so ready to pick Jill up from the airport.

The TULANE colors are in honor of my oldest sister(Tulane homecoming queen 2003-2004)and her TULANE med school husband - Riley and Robert. Can a girl brag a little?


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