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This was THE BEST weekend Daniel and I have ever had. After our "chat" on Thursday, we were more open to our mistakes and forgiveness. He arrived in Clinton around 10:30 Friday morning. I scheduled lunch with my grandma, dad and Mrs. Charel. Mama June had plenty of food for us! I love when Daniel comes down. I get to see him interact with my family and vis versa. It's a beautiful thing (as Justin Pillsbury would say).
(Asheville- take me back)

After lunch we registered at a store in Zachary then headed to Baton Rouge. We tried to run errands, but the jewlry stores closed after 2 for the 4th. After contemplating, we decided to register at Dillards. Daniel absolutely loved the scanner. He was actually upset he wasn't able to come to Williams & Sonoma and Bed, Bath and Beyond. Since I'm "with lime", Daniel thinks I can't pick up a toaster. It was really cute how he was so aware of the little lime. I'm not even showing (at all), but that's all he could think about. On our way home I said, "What if somehow we lost the baby?" His response was, "We won't waste any time and have another one soon. I also don't know if I believe in birth control. I wanted a honeymoon baby, remember?" My mouth dropped. I couldn't believe #1 he would want a child this quick and #2 he might not believe in birth control. I was very quick to say, "Ok, so after our 6th child will you believe in it?" It was an amusing conversation, to say the least.

(ring is finally sized!)

After Dillards we hit our favorite place, Flemings! Of course we got the appitizer calamari and devoured it. When the plate came out, we both looked at each other and said, "They've downsized!" It was not a huge platter like before, but it was $6 - can't complain!

(more please...)

So we loaded up and headed to Clinton. Jill and Betsy had been planning this bachelorette party all day. I was really impressed with the decorations and presents! It was a fiesta so I quickly changed into a dress I bought on senior trip in Cancun - surprised I still had it. The party started around 8:00 PM with the "Clinton crew" - mom's friends and some my friends from the Institute (Silliman). I was in need of some laughter! When you combine Mary Bunch (Dunnaway), Paula Sue Bullinger, Katherine Bullinger and Heidi Stringer together, you are determined to "wet your britches". There was no filter present that night or any night. They were the life of the party. After my Mississippi State friends got in, Mark called and said the lights were on at the courthouse... so what do we all do? Load up and head to the courthouse. I know my friends were thinking we were crazy.

(life partners)

(SHS Alumnae)

(Clinton Crew)

(so true - KIDDING)

(oldest courthouse in LA)

When we returned, it was time to open presents. I thought it was going to be super awkward, but I only got a few risk-ay outfits (thanks to Betsy and Heidi Graves). I'm sure those will come in handy since I won't be able to see my toes in a few months - not. It was the thought that counted. I DID get some really cute nighties! Thanks to everyone who made Friday night a success!

(VS - always a good choice)

(my Something Blue)

(big thanks to Heidi Graves for this one - Daniel would tell me to turn around... real quick)

Saturday was HOT. Saturday was HOT. Do you get what I'm saying? We all journeyed downtown to the Red, White and Blueberry Festival that morning. To me, it was a whole lot of nothing - mom would disagree. The food was great, but they were selling tons of LSU/Saints junk, garage sale, bows, Southern Belle t-shirts, etc. This was the 1st year for it to be "big" so I suppose it went well. After laying out at Mama's all day (with DJ Brandon- of course), we went back to see Fields in the golf cart parade. He won the best float - are you surprised? He was so cute.

(cousin Fields at the festival.. campaigning for Talmadge)


(Mr. and Mrs. Sheriff Talmadge Bunch)

To make the festival more interesting, Bruce from Swap People was downtown. He got to see Clinton in high gear. I knew nothing about the show, but Whitney did! She was so excited to see Bruce and his dog, Tyler. Again, are you surprised? :) After the parade, we visited with my dad. I love when friends come down for him/and my mom to meet. It brings Mississippi State home for me.

(top 5 moments in her life)

Next was dinner and United We Jam. DJ Brandon was still at Mama's making everyone dance. He is a sweet boy (went to school with Fields at Hope Academy) who loves music. His first song was an unedited rap one. I thought my grandmother was going to have a stroke. It was a fun time! After dinner we headed downtown for fireworks and the band. United We Jam was great! I was so tired to even dance. I visited with people in the community I hadn't seen in awhile. It was so good to laugh, hug and be happy. After a month of being down and embarrassed, I was getting my life back. It really helped that Daniel and my friends were there to encourage me.

(DJ Brandon - waiting on a heart and liver transplant)

(we all have a little Johnson in us)

(dat's righttt)

(worlds colliding)

(footloose with Nancy)

(like Bernie)

(23 DAYS!)

(good to be home)

(Lucy and her dirty D moves)

(downtown with Fields)

Sunday - Julie, Whitney, Jenni Lynn and Lucy went back to Jackson to celebrate the 4th. I'm already missing them! Praise the Lord for Facebook so we can keep in touch. I hated to see them leave. It was a short weekend. Daniel's mom, stepdad, little sister and grandmother came to Clinton Sunday around noon. I was so excited for them to meet my family. We explained the wedding to his family (where everything would be), then had lunch at Sammy's in Zachary. After lunch, we visited with my dad, stepmom and grandmother. It brings me great joy when two families come together for the 1st time. Sunday was a great day for everyone!

(Mr. Jim, Mrs. Sharon and Daniel)

(Rachel, Stephen, Daniel, me, Mr. Jim, Mrs. Sharon and Savannah at Stomboli's)

(sweet Savannah - flower girl)

(etouffee... lunch on Sunday!)

(Mrs. Charel, me, dad and Daniel at the LSU game 2 years ago - poured!)

This week has been busy with the little things (I think). There is still so much more to do and it's stressing me out. Invitations will finally go out tomorrow. The place messed up the envelopes so they're almost a week late. Nothing goes as planned, right? :) Mom and I are meeting with Jeanie Frey tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited! She is a talented photographer!

(Anna Rathbone)

I am also looking forward to Saturday. My friends are throwing me a kitchen shower at Julie's house! When they asked, I almost cried. It was the day I got engaged. Lucy and Catherine Randall called and said they wanted to do something. I couldn't believe they would want to do something FOR ME - I was so undeserving and wanted to stay quiet. All of my friends have been so generous throughout this entire situation. I thank y'all for that.

Also, we're going to dinner Saturday night (boys and girls). I think Julie is in the process of getting a group together. I really hope it works out! I am ready to see my guy and girl friends - I know Daniel is, too! I'll let you know how everything goes.

(Libbo's birthday at Mint)

Last week, Catherine Randall sent me "Jesus Calling". I had heard so much about it and even bought it for mom last Mother's Day. I was so grateful for her gift. I started reading it yesterday, July 6. It was perfect - "Your richest duty is devotion to Me. This duty is such a joyous privilege that is feels like a luxury. You tend to feel guilty about pushing back the boundaries of your life to make space for time alone with Me. The world is waiting to squeeze you into its mold and to crowd out time devoted to Me. The ways of the world have also warped your conscience, which punishes you for doing the very thing that pleases Me most: seeking My Face. Listen to me above the clamor of voices trying to distract you. Ask My spirit to control your mind, for He and I work in perfect harmony. Be still and attentive in My Presence. You are on holy ground." I wasn't going to type all of that, but it was too good not to. I have been reminded of that paragraph when I don't feel like reading. I'm really punishing myself. It IS A JOYOUS PRIVILEGE. My old roommate has also been a big help! We talk about marriage struggles and how to pray. She recently tweeted this and I keep rereading it, "The redeemed woman is called to be a life-giver in every season, relationship, and situation." - Susan Hunt ... I will put this somewhere in my house so I can be reminded daily. 

I also got the courage up to talk to my pastor in Clinton. He already knew, which was great. I didn't have to repeat the story again. It was so reliving to talk to Brother Tony. He reminded me he loves me for who I am, not what I do. He will be doing the wedding service with Rev. Mark Rowlen. 

(Negus, Sr.)

So I know this post is getting out of hand, but just wanted to give a shoutout to my boy, Negus! We found your father, haha (Shelley Pensworth and Whitney Hedgepeth).

(coolest app thanks to Kameryn Kline)

 And last but NOT least, the lime is great. It's making me super tired and lazy... or maybe I just am lazy. In the process of finding a place to live in Clinton!

Back to wedding planning... 

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  1. Love your freaking blog! and i also love that you don't hold anything back! You are honest and make us/ or me really feel like im there when im hello hours away! : ) It was so awesome seeing you this wknd!!!! You are so beautiful and I love you to absolute pieces!!! and the LIME TOO!!!