Friday, July 15, 2011

"redeeming love has been my plea"

I want to start out this post by saying, "Thank you!" to all of my friends who made last weekend a blast! The shower was beautiful - dinner was perfect. From the bottom of our hearts, we really do appreciate it.

Saturday, my friends gave me a kitchen shower at Julie's house in Madison, MS. I didn't know who/what to expect, but needless to say, I was overwhelmed. Like I have said before, I genuinely cherish friendships now. I was so used to seeing everyone on a daily basis, I took them for granted. Now that I'm in Clinton and planning non-stop (mom, too), it's so refreshing to see people my age! The shower surpassed my expectations. My friends are so thoughtful and caring. They showered me with cooking supplies (that I have no idea how to use) and beautiful pieces from Anthropologie!

(delicious brunch!)

(hostesses - THANK YOU!)

(me thinking... Ok, what am I going to use this for? Decoration?)

(y'all made the day so special!)

After the shower, we (momma, Betsy and me) ran errands around Jackson. I got super tired, go figure, and headed to the Millers for a nap. It didn't take long and Daniel called me to meet him at Joseph A. Bank. He, Crawford and Tyler were all in town and getting fitted for their suits. I was so excited to see them in person. Next, we got ready for our dinner at Burgers & Blues. It's a fairly new restaurant in Jackson with ... burgers and a blues band. It was so relaxing and comfortable! The burgers were great and the company was even better. I kept asking myself, "Is this really happening? Did people come here to celebrate our marriage? This is not real life." I just couldn't get it through this hard head that people really care about us. I sometimes still feel dirty and ugly in the inside. I feel like people look at me and just think, "You're pregnant." I know that is not true with my friends (real friends, I mean). It's just hard to get passed that. I will always remember that night and the sweet/meaningful conversations. We can't thank you enough for coming! 

(15 days!!!)


(thanks for stopping by, Caroline!)

(keep in touch!)

(very thankful for y'all)

(party peopleee)

After the party, we (Daniel, Crawford, Tyler, Lucy and me)stayed at the Millers. Anne(Robert's sister) was home alone so we decided it would be a good idea to stay with her. I really wished Mr. Bobby and Mrs. Georgia would've been home. I have missed them so much. Even though I only lived in Jackson with them for a month, they had a big impact on my life. I'm ready to make another trip to Jackson just to catch up. So, on with the story... Crawford Baird is a rare early bird. He woke all of us up at 6:55 AM on Sunday to eat breakfast. He conned us into thinking it was 10 AM - good job. So we all get dressed (kinda) and head to iHOP. Homegirl loves some pancakes, so I didn't mind getting out of bed. When we walk in iHOP, all the staff looks at us. The boys were in the same nice clothes they wore last night and Lucy and I were in t-shirts. They laughed and probably thought "Ok, who was the one unfortunate guy last night?" Ok ok, that was probably inappropriate, but we laughed along with them. After breakfast the boys headed back to Starkville. Lucy and I attempted to shop - no stores were open on a Sunday at 11 AM. 

(Mr. Bobby Miller, Anne, Mrs. Georgia and Robert)

(Lucy and Crawford being completely normal - the rare early bird)

(cherish these last days with him, Ellis)

Being food fanatics, Lucy and I headed to Newks by Highland Village - bad idea. I knew it was a dumb move in the beginning, but I thought we would beat the early church crowd. I absolutely hate to walk in somewhere on a Sunday with regular clothes on. I am so sinful for thinking that, but I hate it. So Lucy and I walk into Newks and the first person I see is Laura Lee Smith, a Prep graduate from First Pres. My heart dropped. I didn't want to talk/run into anyone from work. It was so good to see her, but hard to speak. After seeing Laura Lee, Emmitt Manning (co-worker) was walking toward the drink machine. I saw him and slowly turned my back toward the water. Five seconds later I hear, "Hey Mary Kathleen". I responded with, "HEY EMMITT! How are you? How is everyone?" He told me everyone was great... I then cut him off and said, "I'm really sorry. I think if I talk to you I might start crying. I can't do this." Like most boys, he didn't know what to say. I quickly got my water and found Lucy. She was talking to Brooke Harris (Chi O) then Ann Mink (Chi O). I felt like everyone was in Newks that day... even Dr. Duncan's son, Jennings. I walked outside in the 100 degree weather and sat down. I know Lucy thought I was insane, but I could not sit inside. In my head I was prepared to see people (co-workers, friends, etc.). I clearly was not. I just wept at the table thinking, "I can't do this." I LOVED my job, Jackson, ... It was so hard for me to accept the truth that day. I wasn't ready to see anyone I worked with. I miss the church too much, MY JOB, the people, the discipline, Jackson, etc. I did not want to leave. At that moment, I finally realized this was not going to be easy- going back to Starkville will not be easy. I cried from Jackson to Crystal Springs, because I missed my job dearly. I wanted to see the kids, my co-workers and the adults I had made friends with. It was my "dream job" for the time being. Some people might disagree, but I absolutely loved it. It killed me to leave. It still kills me that I'm not at RYM. I was growing to love that youth group and the leaders. It's such a hard transition. My time will come to help again, but I must be patient. Please pray for the First Presbyterian youth group in Jackson - they will always have an impact on me. 

Here comes Monday... I lose track of days now that I'm in Clinton. I gathered Daniel's birth certificate while I was in Crystal Springs - I needed it for our MARRIAGE LICENSE! Sadly it seemed like another errand since he wasn't there. One downfall to getting married quickly is doing things independently (marriage license, buying furniture, paint colors, invitations, caterer, registering, etc.) I guess we didn't have much of a choice!
(almost official!)

(gina's... i am obsessed)

(what wakes Betsy and me up every morning... carpenters, painters, etc. they're everywhere... and don't speak english)

 After, Betsy and I picked out paint colors for my "new" furniture! I wanted something that was timeless - light green. I brought the furniture and paint over to Kelli Dart's and we started Tuesday morning! I was so excited to #1 not to wedding stuff #2 get ready to move in! Kelli's house is unbelievable. She is so crafty! Here are some pictures of her house... 


(DIY projects - David built the table and she made the ottoman out of an old table)

(chandelier is made with wooden candlesticks and the china cabinet doors is a room divider)

(reupholstered the chair by herself - amazing. EVERYTHING in her house is DIY)

Kelli offered to make me a headboard for our wedding gift. I was all over it. I headed to Home Depot at 7:30 AM the next day to get the supplies. It took us one afternoon to complete it. I am so happy with it and super anxious to move in! Not to mention Kelli also has 5 kids... supermom. 

Adaline (Addie), Isabella (Bella), Genevieve (Evie), Josephine (Josie) and David Patrick - full of personality

(so easy)



Here are some pictures from the furniture... not finished!

(before- in the barn)

(primed it white then turquoise) 

(after - white again and Kelli sanded it so the turquoise would show through - SO CUTE!)

(before - wooden bed i found in the barn)

(middle - headboard... made into a linen headboard)

(after - footboard, 1 coat of cream and one of a creamish/grey... then sanded it)

(before - chest was cream with gold edges... so ugly. btw, garage sale! $50)

(middle - 2 coats of green, 1 coat of lighter green on the sides and in the middle)

(after - scratched the green paint so they gold would come though. painted the handles gold then washed them with a green paint, sanded everything to make it look old -- my favorite!)

(love. love. love.)

(before - mirror, this was the color of the dresser)

(after - so heavy, painted green and scratched it off to see the gold underneath, sanded it!)

(before - wooden tables, KILTZ white, then painted 1 coat of green, crackled it)

(crackle was nasty so repainted cream)

(Kelli painted a soft blue)

(after - she put gold all around the edges... can't wait to decorate with some gold frames!)

(before - old dresser i found in the barn)

(middle - 2 coats of green paint)

(after - painted a light green in the dividers and sanded it ... i am obsessed)

(with these knobs, of course)

Since we will have a furnished apt, EVERYONE PLEASE COME!!! You'll make be a better cook if you do! What about a reveal party? Haha, I want people to come over all the time.

Here are some finds! 

(so cute - doesn't this look like Anthropologie?)

(chair from Honeymoon Bungalow - i love yellow)

(Daniel finally got his recliner! a girl is redoing her house in Clinton and practically giving everything away. we got a baby bed and changing table for free- we'll take it!)

We are (almost) set! We need lamps, pillows and a TV stand. Hopefully I can find one in Baton Rouge tomorrow. Dad is taking off Wednesday, July 20, to move us in... like renting a U-Haul and everything. I could not be more excited! I will stay from Wednesday afternoon to Friday afternoon to look for a job, womp womp. It's so hard to find one 4 hours away. Honestly, I'm so ready to see Daniel and get situated in our apartment! Tomorrow his "boys" are taking him canoeing on the Okatoma for his bachelor party. Guess I shouldn't be nervous about him picking up women... haha. I hope they have a blast! 

(Stephen Sims and Crawford)


(Tyler, Crawford and Daniel)


Again, I apologize for the long post. I need to update this thing every day so it's not so flighty. This post seems thrown together... oh wait, maybe because I'm on my phone, painting, making a headboard, running errands in BR, looking for a rehearsal dinner dress, going to rotary with my dad (which was really neat!), visiting family, sleeping or thinking of songs to walk down the aisle to. It's nuts-o, but I am loving it. I am SO glad Daniel and I are getting married soon, we obviously couldn't wait. He did wake me up this morning and say, "15 more daysssss!" 

I leave you with this...

Keep walking with Me along the path I have chosen for you. Your desire to live close to Me is a delight to My heart. I could instantly grant you the spiritual riches you desire, but that is not My way for you. Together we will forge a pathway up the high mountain. The journey is arduous at times, and you are weak. Someday you will dance lightfooted on the high peaks; but for now, your walk is often plodding and heavy. All I require of you is to take the next step, clinging to My hand for strength and direction. Though the path is difficult and the scenery is dull at the moment, there are sparkling surprises just around the bend. Stay on the path I have selected for you. It is truly the path of Life.

-Jesus Calling

And this song...

Selah's "There is a Fountain"

OMG. How could I forget about the large plum that's inside? I'm telling you... I do that all the time. Since I'm not showing it's hard to remember to take my vitamins, not lift things, etc. It's terrible! Anywho, the large plum is still hibernating. It's 2.5 inches and .5 oz. I'm currently 11 weeks and 2 days. My dress will be ready on July 25... hope I don't grow too much in 2 weeks. 

"Ain't she cute?" 

Does this look like a sophisticated parent picture?


  1. Love. and i agree, you need to update this thing more!! Im book marking you so i won't forget how to read it. Your are seriously going to have the best looking apt in well anywhere!!! hahaha love the pic. def a good parent pic!!! love you missy!!

  2. love love love! that will be one blessed and good-looking baby. i cant wait to meet the little plum! calling you this week. missed your shower bc i was throwing a shower :/ love you!!!

  3. i love her house! oh my gosh... i need to meet her, asap so i can be inspired!!!! i love your furniture, too. gosh mk. i need help with mine!

  4. Julie, I hope it's cute! You'll have to help me decorate.
    MK- Can't wait to catch up. I'm moving Wednesday!
    Anna - Have you never met her? She's amazing! Y'all would get along really well... tons of ideas. I have none!

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