Thursday, July 28, 2011


Wake up, Mary! I'm now 13 weeks so I shouldn't be this tired. I'll need a 5 hour energy for Saturday morning... or a large cup a'jo

This is what I look like- a hard day's work in Mexico

On year 3, I had just graduated high school and Daniel was entering his senior year. I left for Camp Skyline early June and returned early July. I love camp. I actually stay in touch with a few people from Skyline- it's like we never left. When we travel to away games, Daniel and I always have a place to stay. All of my friends (except the faithful, Maggie Chase) live in an SEC college town. It's quite convenient!  Daniel and I rarely talked while I was at camp. I can remember coming in from sports class everyday and checking my phone (big brick Nokia under my pillow) to see if Daniel had text messaged me - love or desperate? Haha, I also remember telling Nell Cady all of my "love" problems. That was a fun night on backroads in Mentone, Alabama... orientation, of course. When I got home, Daniel and I talked more, but it wasn't until his senior year (football season). I was just starting college and turned the tables on him, "I'm a college girl. There are other boys here- blah blah blah." Was I at almost every football game? Yes. I couldn't stay away. 

Camp Skyline 2007 - Bevshack Beauties

Nell Cady and Amanda Wallace Ew (graduate of RTS!)at Wing Stop - our favorite place in Fort Payne... probably the ONLY place.

Sock War - "Super Trooper Power"

The first time he actually showed public affection was his last football game at Centreville Academy. They barely lost that game. I can even tell you what I wore- surprise surprise. After the game he gave me a long hug. I was on CLOUD 11! I looked up and ... never mind, we won't go into ex-girlfriends, but it was a sweet sweet time for us. I was so glad he finally showed public affection after talking on the phone for 3 years. I am SO thankful we started off as friends then got serious. We knew each other so well- I want to go back to those days when we had no responsibilities. I would love to watch Daniel play one more game of football - I loved it! Also, I'm pretty sure I was awarded my 1,000 point ball at my senior night when we played Copiah... ask Daniel if he was there :) He will never hear the end of it. Although, he did make it for Sweetheart that night. Hmmm... a night we will all remember. 

playing put put in Baton Rouge one summer night

Daniel's All-star game at Mississippi College

my all-star game at MC - MacAnally, Force and Gray
wish i would've known you better, Host!

1,000 point ball against Copiah... Daniel was a little late :)At half-time of this game we pulled a "wrong way" play - hilarious. 

eating at El Sombrero in Byram

playing with the pups on a Saturday after a Friday night football game

Sorry for not responding to Facebook messages, text messages or e-mails. I would love to talk to each one of you so I want to respond genuinely. Hope to see you all Saturday. 
Hopefully today was my last day in Baton Rouge.


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