Thursday, August 4, 2011

Give thanks in all circumstances.

The Sims
Mary Kathleen Kennedy Sims (whew!)

We'reeee bacccck. I left you on July 28 (day before the rehearsal dinner). On July 29th, people were all over momma's house making flower arrangements, unloading chairs, decorating and mopping porches (Dale Tynes). I started off the smoking hot day with a flat tire - no need to worry; the yard man (as he called himself) was to the rescue. Mr. Henry was sweet enough to change my tire and pay for 4 new ones. Thank goodness! 

(thank ya, Mr. Hengry)

(getting ready!)

(some chairs arriving)

(flower arrangements with silver teapots - thanks, Mark)

Here comes 6:00 P.M. and people start arriving for the rehearsal. At this point, everything starts sinking in. Daniel then tells me he and his friends want to drive to New Orleans for the night - UM NO. I was shocked he even asked. He then told me Tyler's dad went out after his rehearsal and ... broke his nose. Yeah, not happening after all the work my mom put into this. On with the rehearsal... Ms. Paula Barnett has the wedding party organized and ready - everything went very smooth. 

(Rachel, Stephen, me and Daniel)

(thanks for marrying Daniel first, Kam)

(sweet Jackson and Colden)

After the rehearsal we headed to Copper Mill for dinner hosted by Daniel's parents. It couldn't have been better! The food was delicious... especially the shrimp and grits appetizer - LGN diet, what? All of our closest friends and family were there to celebrate. It was all surreal to us. At the end of dinner, our friends and family spoke. My confident brother started everything off. His speech was very meaningful and of course he inserted a movie line. John Preston has always thought really highly of Daniel - that means a lot! Next was my oldest sister, Riley. I can't begin to talk about her speech, Jill's speech or my dad's... they'll make me tear up. Needless to say, they were all very genuine and heartfelt. We appreciate all the kind words. Tyler Ellis' (Daniel's roommate of 2 years) was hilarious. He started off saying how great it has been to live with Daniel and Mary. I quickly blurted out, "I didn't stay there!" I thought he was implying I lived with Daniel - NO SIR. It was such a "me" comment and everyone started laughing. Then Tyler went on to talk about Daniel's weird illnesses... even hemorrhoids (sorry, Daniel). It was a hit! After Tyler, Crawford Baird (Daniel's economic friend- ha) compared me to gold (typical) and a golden retriever ... ?? Both of their speeches were "so them". Lastly, Daniel spoke. WOW. He blew me away with his speech. I was so proud to marry him. He talked about the past month, my family and support from everyone - I wish someone would've filmed it. He was so mature and handled the situation with such confidence. I WAS IMPRESSED. Welcome to the family, Daniel Harper Sims. The night ended by Brother Mark Rowlen praying over us. It was a sweet sweet time. We were so excited Brother Mark and his wife Shannon could make the trip. Also, it warmed our hearts to see my aunt and uncle from Asheville. They want us to live in Asheville and I am not opposed. I miss living with them. That was a life changing summer for Daniel and me. 

(Copper Mill - delicious!)

(brave brother)

(sister who finished the bar that day - congrats, Jill!)

(Daniel's speech)

(after all the tears)

After the rehearsal dinner, we drive to Clinton. Luke and Molly practiced the music as we all sat on the porch - beautiful. To have my friends in Clinton, at my house, with Luke singing, was comforting. It was two worlds colliding. After that, everyone went fast to sleep... except Betsy and me. We could not sleep. We stayed up talking about life and how fast everything has happened. I kept repeating, "I can't believe we just had our rehearsal dinner." THAT was surreal. Very rarely do Betsy and I get to sit and talk about life. That was a special time for me. 


(worlds colliding)


WEDDING DAY! I remember taking deep breaths and reminding myself what was important... Daniel, me and the meaning of marriage (Christ returning for his bridegroom). Even though it wasn't how I envisioned getting married, it was absolutely perfect. Jill and I went to Julie's around 6:45 A.M. to get our "hair did". Chastity was at Mama Nan's doing Betsy and Riley's make-up. The hair and make-up were great! Thank you Julie, Chastity, Brooke and Jessica. That morning was a lot of fun (except ... nevermind). Momma and Betsy helped me get dressed for my bridal portraits. Since my dress wasn't ready until Monday (July 25) I didn't have time to take portraits. Jeannie mentioned just taking them before the wedding so I'm anxious to see how they turned out. 

It was getting closer to 10:30 and I was getting nervous. I sat in the dining room taking deep breaths. Luke and Molly Adkins did a BEAUTIFUL job on such late notice. If you weren't able to make it: 

PRELUDE - "Come Thou Fount" 
Seating of Grandparents and Parents - "Waltz Across Texas" That was my grandfather's (mom's dad) favorite song 
PROCESSIONAL - "Be Thou My Vision" 
BRIDE'S PROCESSIONAL - My Heart Will Go On (piano - Daniel and his dad's favorite movie... he didn't even recognize it) 
SONG - "Hallelujah" 
RECESSIONAL - "Victory in Jesus" AHHH-MAZING. Thank you!

(Savannah - Daniel's 8 year old half sister)

The ceremony was so sweet. Daniel poor thing was sweating bullets. I would look at him then the guests and my mom. Everyone was crying, but I couldn't. I just kept breathing and taking it all in. So I finally make it up the steps holding Daniel's extremely sweaty hands. The first thing he says to me was... not "You look beautiful." it was... "We're gonna have a baby." I just look at him and whisper a soft "Shut up..." Later I found out he had a mic on the entire time - can't wait to see the video. One of the highlights of the ceremony was hugging my and Daniel's parents. Living in Clinton for a month allowed me to spend much needed time with my mom and dad. Leaving them was really sad, but also another season on life. I didn't want to let go of them after the ceremony. I wish they were in Starkville.

(Colden and Savannah - Jackson was too cool to walk)
(John offering candy to Colden, haha)

(awesomest MOH, Betsy Bunch)

(here. we. go.)

(Poppa Pres and Meme Kean)

( i love this- height difference and all)

(after 7 long years, I DO!)

(Daniel's mom, Sharon Towns)

(my dad - couldn't get "i love you" out because we were crying so much)

(didn't my mom look GREAT???)

(grandmother June and Uncle John from Asheville)

(little hot, Danny boy?)

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Harper Sims

THE RECEPTION. I think July 30 was the only day in July it didn't rain - and boy was it HOT. After pictures we talked to folks outside then headed to some AC. The first thing we did was look at Daniel's cake. I surprised him with a Wall Street Journal cake made my Mrs. Dee Holley (in NM when we met and took us to Gallman many a times). It was so cute! Crawford and Daniel's BS Investments came alive. I wouldn't let anyone cut it until they got a picture with it. The cake was actually used at a birthday party that weekend for a family member - just added more icing! 

(wedding party - Crawford Baird, Colter Pyron, Jill Kennedy, Riley Kennedy "Miller", Betsy Bunch, me, Daniel, Mr. Danny, Stephen Sims, John Preston, Tyler Ellis, Savannah Towns, Colden Savoy & Jackson Savoy)

(Baum's cake - YUMMY!)

(groom's cake - perfect)

All the people at the reception blew us away. Daniel had a BLAST. A lot of our Mississippi State friends came, along with high school friends. There were so many people in my momma's house. I then danced with my dad to Elton John's "Our Song" and then Daniel to "When a Man Loves a Woman". Daddy's conversation consisted of is my grandson/granddaughter going to be a basketball player and Daniel's was "We're gonna have a baby." I enjoyed both!

After dancing, we heading downstairs to take pictures with the croquet. My dress (big thanks to Miss Carolina Herrera) was in a magazine posing with croquet. Mom ordered some sets and it was a hit (along with the homemade ice cream and strawberry sherbet). Thanks, mom! Then I see all the Chi Omega ladies making their way down the back steps - time for Shades. This was very appropriate since I didn't get a candlelight - kidding, Daniel! I wanted that moment to last forever. It was so fast. Thank you Chi Omega sistas and Sig Machi brothers for attending :) Daniel and I love each and every one of you. 

(love y'all!)

(Shades, of course)

We quickly headed back inside and it was time to leave - how time flies at your own wedding! We ran out and down drenched by birdseed and rose petals (supposed to be lining the aisle, but we forgot). We found birdseed for days! Thank you for obnoxiously throwing it everywhere. It'll make for cute pictures! 

AND WE'RE OFF... to New Orleans. Thanks to my aunt and uncle (Judy and Lonny Myles) for getting us a room at the Sheraton on Canal (even if we were a part of the Louisiana Bar Association). We REALLY APPRECIATED it. The view was great! When we got there, I took a picture and e-mailed mom. It read, "St. Lucia never looked so good!" I was only kidding - we were grateful to get away for a couple of nights. We grabbed pizza at Rocky's that night and headed back. Ask Betsy about my failed lingerie. The next day we walked around New Orleans, ate lunch then visited with Riley and Robert. Since we were in their city, we wanted to take advantage and hang out. They had funny stories from the wedding for Daniel and me – Robert thought he might have to save a man from dehydration. It was so good to chill out with them. Hopefully, Daniel and I can stay with his parents in Jackson next weekend. We love Mr. Bobby and Mrs. Georgia Miller.
(heading to New Orleans)

(checking in - big boy)

I asked Daniel to take this picture of me, because it reminded me of everyone's romantic honeymoons. You know, newlyweds usually take a picture of their spouse and the elegant food. We decided to make a joke out of it and get Arby's. Boy, was it delicious! It was a perfect getaway. Thank you!

(view from the 29th floor)

(Daniel's office)


(thought about you, Kathleen... Miss Hospitality!)

(no really, he wanted it)

Sunday night, we ate at Acme Oyster House. We waited in line for a while so we made sure we ate enough. Daniel started off with a dozen raw oysters and I had gumbo – yum! We definitely overate. Later that night we had to get beignets. Although we were stuffed, we couldn’t leave New Orleans without CafĂ© Du Monde. They weren’t even that great, because we were making ourselves eat – bad idea. That night we were so sick… and the next morning. We left New Orleans around 9 and headed home.

(in heaven)

We were welcomed home by a bed full of gifts! It was better than Christmas, as Daniel said. We got a lot of kitchen appliances and decorative pieces. Thank you all! After leaving Clinton and my momma, we drove to Crystal Springs to see Daniel’s family. I finally got to sit and talk to them – wedding festivities were too hectic. We talked about the wedding, then stopped to see the real “Mrs. Sims” Daniel’s grandmother. I hadn’t seen her in so long – she caught us up on all the weather for the summer, fall and winter. She’s too funny. Anytime someone calls me “Mrs. Sims” I just think of Mrs. Louise Sims – I’m okay with that.

So we finally headed to Starkville. I was beyond ready to see our apartment. It was so cute!!! We have wooden floors, neutral walls (perfect for decorating) and plenty of room. We were exhausted! Daniel put the bed together (since he won’t let me lift anything) and we headed to bed. The next day, Monday, was moving day! We rearranged furniture, put up kitchen stuff, went to Wal-Mart (adventure… can you say “Great Value”), and had friends over for barbecue shrimp. It was an extremely productive day for the Sims.

(our apt)

(wedding food - finally get to eat it)

(moving in - first day)

(will post pics soon - it does not look like this)

(moving day - 110 degrees)

(our bizarre lunch)

(first dinner guests)

(salad, barbecue shrimp and fruit- not bad)

(real man's job)

(living room)

(today we went to Barnes and Noble to use the Internet and finally changed our relationship status, ha)

Can I just brag on my husband (still sounds weird) for a second? He has been incredible. He won’t let me lift anything, bring anything to the dumpster, he washed our clothes, he gets us up early to read, made the bed, washed the sheets, put knobs on my dresser, helped clean the kitchen, made a salad, fixes me drinks, etc. I could go on and on about Daniel. He pushes me to be a better person and helps me in all ways. He has surpassed expectations for a husband and there is no telling what kind of father he will be. We really balance each other out, but he is so responsible. Daniel and his ability to be a husband amaze me. I am beyond blessed to have such a loving husband. I don’t deserve him. Thank you, Lord

By the way, he sliced (like an inch deep) his finger last night trying to cut onions. For some unknown reason, he slung his hand and screamed. Blood went everywhere – ceiling, door, walls, floor, counters, etc. I freaked out, started sweating, nauseous and weak. Daniel ended up taking care of me. That was an epic wife fail.
On another note, I was washing dishes earlier and he asks, “Who taught you how to wash dishes?” and I just looked at him and said, “My mom always did this.” I’m about to learn a whole lot… quick.

We are finally settled in Starkville. Everything has gone by so fast. I apologize if I was in a bad mood the week of the wedding. I didn’t realize how tired I was. There was so much to be done in a small amount of time. When my friends called me, I wasn’t myself – I’m so sorry. For some reason, I am not social right now. I mean, I love to see people, but in large crowds I get really awkward. It’s like they wear me out so I just avoid them. So I apologize because I know I wasn’t being the usual uppity Mary.

From Daniel and me, THANK YOU. We talked about the wedding all honeymoon (ok, 2 days). It was absolutely perfect. We both had a blast and can’t wait to see the video and pictures. The house looked amazing – thanks, “yard boy”. Daniel and I felt so loved leaving Clinton. I’m sorry it has taken a while to respond to Facebook and text messages, but I have read every one. THANK YOU – we will never forget July 30, 2011 and all the people who made it possible. 

I was reading this morning and I wanted to implement this into the blog:

My goal is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. 
So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, 7 rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. Colossians 2:2-3 & 6-7

Continue to give thanks. 

Last post, HAPPY (late) BIRFDAY, PETER!  
(Riley and John Preston)


  1. i just completely unashamedly read your whole blog. i've been praying for y'all since i heard (small towns, well, you know). and i'm so proud of the people you've both become! not that i'm any older or wiser, but if y'all ever need anything, let me know! - katie j. walker

  2. Love your blog!! You write so well, and I have cracked up at some of the stuff you say. :) So happy for you!!! Your child is very blessed to have you as his/her mama!