Sunday, October 30, 2011



He had an interview with First South Farm Credit Monday morning and they offered. That's right... on the spot! He called me on my lunch break, and I was shocked/proud/excited/grateful (after I asked "WHAT'D YOU SAY?!?")! I hung up the phone and got a little teary. The Lord has been so faithful. He'll start as a credit analyst and work his way up. The company mentioned transferring him in 2 years ... and there's an office in Zachary, Louisiana :) As Mr. Cash would say, 


 That afternoon we celebrated 2 new jobs! Daniel's and our friend, Crawford Baird. Crawford will be working at Georgia Pacific in Hattiesburg. We had a great week, to say the least. Daniel and I could now stop guessing where we'd be in January. With him taking 21 hours, school is demanding. He has been on the phone with possible jobs since August. It's so relaxing to know where we'll be/ I'll deliver. AND... we can return to FIRST PRESBYTERIAN! We are so thankful. Monday night we sat down and just talked about how the Lord has provided. Daniel and I were in awe of how He has taken care of us. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers! WE. ARE. THRILLED. 

great day!

haha, they were excited.

Tyler Ellis and Crawford Baird

 So, the search for a house is on! If you have any information, let us know! Daniel's job will be at the Renaissance in Ridgeland, MS. I don't want to be too far from him, but I know traffic will be bad in any direction. We'll start going to a doctor in Jackson after Thanksgiving. I'll hopefully deliver at Baptist on February 1st! 

 Just for giggles... baby girl is a CUCUMBER! She's approximately 15 inches and 2.2 pounds. I'm growing overnight. I can feel it. We're so ready to see what she looks like :) 

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  1. yay!!! Movin on UP!!!!! See you NEXT WEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! YAAAAYYY!!! Can't WAIT for you to open baby girls happy! lovers you!!