Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Name me.

A name. 

I want We need to give this little cucumber a name. 

 It's such a hard decision. Being from the South, I want to keep it Southern and in the family. We have come up with many MANY many combinations, but none that we LOVE. Daniel's full name is: Daniel Harper Sims. Daniel comes from his grandfather and Harper from his great-grandmother. Before all of this began, we wanted to name our little boy Harper or John Harper. Daniel stuck to his guns until one day last week I had a slight meltdown (not really). I couldn't think of a girl's name that I liked as much as Harper. So Daniel gave in and let me use Harper (he'll be glad he did)! 

So we're in a bind. Do you name her...

Mary Harper (we both LOVE, but we would have the same name)? 
Harper _____?
Kennedy ______? 
Mary Bennett?

I love Mary. 

It came from my dad's mom, Mary June Hunt Kennedy (hints the name of the blog). I am so thankful my parents gave me a family name - especially MawMaw June's. I also love/loved Mary, because she was a Biblical "character". Daniel and I have talked about how much it means to have a Biblical name. So, I would like to do "Mary Harper" because of MawMaw June, me (of course, haha) and a Biblical name. It just works. I do understand it's my name and things will get confusing around the house... and as we get older (credit cards and what-not). It would be sweet to both be Mary Sims, but.............. I can't decide. I want to have one before baby showers start, so things can get monogrammed (speaking of Southern). Not like ridiculously, "Harper Harper Harper MHS MHS MHS MHS" on everything, but I like it. 

my grandmother, Mary June Kennedy

I'm not sure why I posted this, because none of you know family names to help me out with (haha). Guess I needed someone else to bother about a name rather than mom, dad and Jill. Thank you for listening and any suggestions would be appreciated :) 

UPDATE: This was the first day of my last trimester! Yippee! I'm 27 weeks and 1 day meaning 90.5 days left. I’m the size of a basketball. Speaking of, she must play basketball. That is a fear of mine, not having athletic children. We will see!

I thought the cell phone would slow down with Daniel taking a job, but it seems to only have picked up. We're currently looking for a house to buy/rent in the Jackson/ Madison/ Ridgeland/ Byram/ Brandon area. It has been a little frustrating, but thankfully Daniel's dad is a realtor. He has saved us so much time! 

IN OTHER NEWS: MISTLETOE is tomorrow! Whoooo's excited?? This girl! I haven't bought anything yet- I've been waiting on Mistletoe in Jackson (10x better/bigger than Hollydays in Baton Rouge)!

 Friday, Daniel and I are leaving for David Platt's "Secret Church" in Birmingham! David Platt does a 6 hour study (2 a year, I think). There are several simulcast so find a local church and watch ( The topic for Secret Church gathering is:

"Family, Marriage, Sex, and the Gospel"

Manhood. Womanhood. Marriage. Parenting. Singleness. Sex. Divorce. Homosexuality. Same-sex marriage. Polygamy. Pornography. Adoption. Abortion. Cultures around the world perceive each of these issues differently. So how does God's Word address them? During Secret Church we will explore how the gospel uniquely affects our understanding of family, marriage, sex, and a host of related (and controversial) issues that are ultimately foundational for the display of the glory of God in our lives, in the church, and in the world. 

I'll let you know how it goes. I couldn't be more excited! We'll stay in Birmingham Friday night (thanks, Anna Pollock!) and head to Tuscaloosa on Saturday. Although we don't have tickets to the LSU/Alabama game, we might tailgate with Clinton folks. Anyone have tickets to the game (that aren't an arm and a leg)??? Then we'll head back to Starkville and watch LSU beat Ala-bumble. I have been looking forward to this weekend for a long time! Tiger Bait! Tiger Bait!

Hope you all enjoy the weekend! Thanks for reading. 
Here’s a little humor from last night…

“I don’t remember what you looked like when we were dating.” – Daniel (my loving husband) I could not contain my laughter. 

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  1. ALRIGHT MRS. SIMS... I am putting my foot down about this child! Why do I feel like she is mine?!?! Is it bc Im obsessed with babies/toddlers/kids/etc??? AND Baby names/clothes/looks/smells/etc??? IDK But the NAME IS EVERYTHING!

    Ok so you know the Macphersons... well u don't but they're the millionares i babysit for like everyday since i was 16 and they named there first daughter after her... aka same exact name, there second child... the exact same name as her husband bc she's OBSESSED w/ family names... well when we went we to the Bahamas it was a nighmare w/ passports.. js... Now on to the names.. Im going to tell you what I THINK bc Ive known you since the basement of Sessums and Daniel too of course and Im real good at baby picking names... 1. I feel like yall are going to have 3 girls.. so sorry daniel use Harper on a girl!! 2. I think the First should be after your grandmother.... and it should be HARPER JUNE. Every one has Mary in their name and Harper is becoming more popular.... and adding June to it makes it very unIque, very southern, very blonde hair blue eyed, very spunky, and very sweet, and soooo cute!! Believe i lost sleep of it! 3. 2nd baby do Mary Bennet! Its so presh! bc Bennet is boy name and with the Mary ON it makes it girly and then you have a that seems a lot like you baby!!!!!!!!! I have a feeling your second baby is going to be your MAJ athletic one (LIKE IM GOD??? RIGHT?????? HAHAHA WHAT DO I KNOW IM JUST GOING BY A FEELING and what I like!! ahaha) THEN IF SO BE IT YOU HAVE A BOY YOU COULD DO...... WAIT FOR IT.... JOHN KENNEDY...oh WAIT... WASN'T THAT A PRESIDENT??... DAMNIT! Well name him Kennedy! I had a guy friend in High School named Kennedy! Or name HER KENNEDY GRACE (bc when its all been said and done thats what you and Daniel have been given. Grace. Or Harper Grace is Beautiful too!! : ) Help any??