Sunday, October 16, 2011


This weekend has been filled with friends and family in Starkville, Mississippi! There will be more to come on weekend activities. 

someone was craving a pickle after the game... sympathy. 

As for now... baby girl Sims is an EGGPLANT! We're making progress. She's really growing. This morning Daniel and I were getting ready for church, and I said, "I guess everyone will know I'm pregnant now (wore a stretchy dress)." He looked at me and said, "OH YEAH!" Being a newly married woman, I just looked at him for a good 10 seconds. You know what came out of my mouth next, "That's not what I wanted you to say. You think I'm fat?" Men will never know what a woman is thinking... never. I will say he's learning. 

(photo by:
I don't like eggplant, so no recipe or reminiscing on this post. It's a texture thing. 

nothing fits!

As for little girl, she still loves to kick. She's now a whopping 9 inches and 1.7 pounds (so my app says). "Team Sims" endured the heat at the football game and now ready for a 3 day work week! That's right. Daniel has interviews Thursday morning so we're all loading up and heading south. We're not sure what the Lord has in-store for January, but hopefully Daniel will have a job by next week. If not, we'll still continue to pray and trust that the Lord is faithful. 

Also, I came across this YouTube video of Tony Dungy (former NFL head coach). Since it's Sunday and my plans for Sunday usually include church, lunch and football... let's incorporate Mr. Dungy. It's a video talking about his struggles with the NFL and to always put yourself second. He's now a correspondent for NFL football and ministers to young troubled men. When Dungy was head coach in Tampa his 18 year old son committed suicide. He went on to write a book (Quiet Strength) about how God pulled he and his family through that terrible time. He was also the first African American to win a Super Bowl. I know it's 8 minutes, but watch it. It can relate to all of our lives. 

Keep my step-father, Henry Andrews, in your prayers. He had a heart-attack on Saturday night- doing great! 

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  1. Oh NO! Poor Mr. Henry and and poor your sweet mother!!! She just can't catch a break!!! God bless her soul I love her so much!!! You look so cute prego!!! About time you showed off that BELLY HUNNY!!! oh and p.s. you know you can dye your hair w/ organic hair color.... doesn't harm the baby etc... its what they use at my hair salon bc there high tech like that...... so come to Fairhope and SHOP and (if you feel like being blonde again.... get your hair done again! haha!)