Wednesday, October 5, 2011


workin' man

Daniel has had my computer doing projects and homework... hence the late post. Not that you were waiting on it, but I want to share what we've been up to.

Last weekend, Sara Adams (Chi O alumni) asked us to dog-sit while they traveled to the Georgia game. Daniel and I jumped on the opportunity to get out of our oh so cozy apartment and turn the air off. We were looking forward to playing with a dog... and a king sized bed. Thursday rolled around and we finally got to dog-sit. Lacey greeted us at the front door. Daniel was thrilled to #1 be in the country on a lake and #2 play with a really furry dog. Friday came and it was our 2 month anniversary! I got cupcakes from Cups N' Cakes to celebrate. Needless to say, we never got around to the cupcakes that night. We were too full on deer burgers and rotel. Oh yeah! Daniel has been itching to grill. After I told him Sara had a grill, he called a few of his friends and planned a burger night. That meant no cooking for me- great.

someone took my place for the weekend

Here comes Saturday. How beautiful was the weather? After waffles (our usual Saturday breakfast), we took Lacey on a walk. The air was cool and crisp. There were kids playing basketball and the lake was gorgeous. We kept thinking, "...I wish we lived here." Oh well! We were enjoying it (to say the least). If you turned on the TV Saturday, you watched college football. There were so many good games on - excluding ours. It was the perfect Saturday ending with buffalo chicken dip, cookies n' cream oreo brownies and nutella puppy chow... and Lacey sleeping with us. Daniel was attached! The weekend couldn't have been better. Thank you, David, Sara and sweet Lacey.

Shelley P's nutella puppy chow

 Last night, we went to Emily and David Francis' reveal party! She and I are one week apart. They had a similar party and found out (through a cupcake) that it would be a GIRL! Congratulations, Emily and David! We can now start shopping together.

 This past week has been a learning process. Everyone told us married life would be difficult. We listened then thought, "It will be hard, but we know each other well enough.. blah blah blah." Although our marriage is still exciting, the big issues are coming up. I'm not going into everything, but getting married young means sacrifice. I would go home every weekend if I could (not because of disagreements). I want to talk about baby stuff, names, get furniture together, go to LSU games, shop, visit my family, etc. Daniel on the other hand is responsible. He keeps up with our finances and knows our budget. Let me just say, if it were up to me, we'd be digging ditches by January.

 That's where submission comes in. I'm not talking about submission like, "Whatever you say I'll do." I'm talking about a loving submission. In "The Excellent Wife" by Martha Peace, she describes submission like this: "It could be that a wife's understanding of true biblical submission has been greatly distorted. Distrust and hostility towards biblical submission in our society is rampant. And because of the lack of clear faithful teaching, that same distrust and hostility often exist within the Christian community itself. One common misunderstanding is that submission of a wife to her husband is a burden, a 'cross that the wife must bear.' However, this is counter to the Bible's true teaching. The submission of a Godly wife is more than a duty, it should be her heart's delight." Her heart's delight... hmmm. I was not delighting in submitting.

 She goes on to write, "Many times a wife may fail to see clearly the importance of her submission, because she is too focused on what her husband is doing wrong. Instead, she must learn to focus on her responsibility. Because husbands are also sinners, they will, at times, be guilty of sinning against their wives. If a wife's primary concern is what her husband should do, she will likely miss what God wants her to understand and do. The wife must focus on her 3 main God-given basic responsibilities towards her husband: TO LOVE HIM, TO RESPECT HIM and TO SUBMIT TO HIM. Her 'good works' are not dependent on what her husband does, but on her obedience to God in these 3 areas." WAKE UP, Mary. "She will likely miss what God wants her to understand and do." Why am I so caught up in being a good wife (cooking, cleaning, etc.) and missing the whole point of marriage. I find myself asking for blessings rather than "What can I do for You today? Create in me a pure heart, oh God." By loving God, I will love Daniel. I will respect Daniel. I will submit to Daniel. Although I didn't quote scripture from the book, it's overflowing with it. It was given to me as a gift by Mrs. Kathy Parker, and I highly recommend it.

The transition from spending my bank account to depositing money in a bank account are 2 completely different things. We know that. Like Daniel said, we won't be perfect at this whole marriage thing. It's a lifelong learning process. After that discussion, it led me to study more on submission. I feel like we were more connected (spiritually) when we didn't have cable or internet. Next week we're going without cable... project read your Bible, haha. Honestly, life without cable was special.

Update: Baby girl Sims is now the size of a papaya! She's been that big for a week now. She weighs approximately 1.2 pounds and is 8 inches. I'm 23 weeks today. The bump can no longer be hidden! We also had a doctor's appointment last Thursday. Good news: Everything looks great... Bad news: I got a flu shot. Baby girl Sims is right on track.

Baby Toms - thank you, Julie and Mrs. Mary Leta!

By the way, "Go Cats!" My alma mater plays Daniel's (Copiah Academy) Friday night. I found out Tuesday I have a Mental Health First Aid orientation on Friday in Columbus until 5:00. I'm bummed we won't be there, but hopefully we'll move closer to home... soon. Why am I so homesick? 

yeah yeah, show off :)

Geaux Wildcats!


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