Monday, October 24, 2011

Callin' Baton Rouge

This weekend was perfect. Well, I didn't get to see ALL of my family, but it was relaxing. 

Daniel and I left early Thursday morning for an interview in Bay Springs, Mississippi. After waiting 3 hours in a town of 2,000 I was ready to go. The interview went well. Then, we headed to Brookhaven and finally CLINTON. 
suited up

boredom as Daniel interviewed for 3 hours

I was itching to see the "Clinton 12" sign (or the longest 12 miles of your life). Thursday was a great day on the road. It has been awhile since we have been to Clinton and I couldn't wait one second longer. Blanche greeted us at the door - after running from the neighbors, of course. After unloading the car, Daniel and I finally relaxed. There were all types of fall decorations around - really felt like home. Mom got in from Jill's swearing in with a treat... stuffed crabs! Did I mention how much I love Louisiana's food? DELICIOUS. And for the next 2 nights we had mom's famous corn and crab soup (whipping cream, half and half, whole milk... nothing healthy). THAT was worth the traveling. Daniel (Crawford and Tyler) and I are still eating on it. Thanks, Jacki! 


"feed me"


"like butta"

Jill and mom at the Supreme Court after her swearing in

Friday I mom treated me to a highlight- my favorite thing to do. It was nice to wake up in Clinton on a Friday... almost wanted to put my Silliman uniform on and head to high school (not). Then, we headed to Zachary for lunch with my sweet grandmother, June. She took us to lunch at my favorite restaurant, Cafe Pheonecia (Greek and Lebanese). Perfect! Daniel and I stayed and chatted with her for a good while. We enjoy talking about the mountains, Asheville and gardening. My dad told me earlier to take advantage of those times, because when they're gone, they're gone. I wish family was closer so we could spend more time with our loved ones. Praise the Lord for technology (communication)! After lunch, Daniel and I ran errands in Baton Rouge then went to the Savoys! Hill (my step-brother) and his wife have 3 kids (2 were in the wedding). I miss them so much! They reminded me on Friday how fast time flies. The boys were just babies. We really enjoyed catching up with Hill, Regan and the kids. That night we went home to soup, a fire and friends. Ahhhhhh......

Mary Hill, Jackson and Colden (or Colden and Jackson)

1 of the 2 pots of goodness

Watch. It will give you chills. 

Saturday was a blast! We started our morning off in Baton Rouge for the LSU/Auburn game. Parking, leaving and eating was not a problem. We had a few tricks Betsy told us. It was so nice to tailgate and not be rushed. I loved seeing everyone at the Clinton tailgate! Yeah, it was a little weird that I had a protruding stomach, but I'm over it. Everyone was excited, and I honestly didn't think it was awkward. The game was wonderful!! LSU beat Auburn... bad. I looked down at my feet in the 3rd quarter and they were so swollen. I asked Daniel to look at them, and we left soon after that. I'm pretty sure the score was 41-3 when we headed out. I am impressed with LSU and can't wait for the Alabama game. That night we went to Jackson, LA for Talmadge's (uncle) election party. He's running for Sheriff (for his 234th term) and this campaign got a little heated. We won't go into that, but he got 46% of the vote requiring a run-off in mid-November. Everyone vote! The party was so enjoyable - lots of Clintonians! 
I had to. 


Bennett Smith


Daniel on the hunt for Mike VI

what will soon be swollen feet

Geaux Tigers!

Thank you, Judy and Lonny!
ready for Talmadge's party

Andy Gayle

All but Jaye Marley married into our family, "bless your heart"... well, not the big black man either. 

internet down, waiting on precincts 

The Winery in Jackson, Louisiana

Bennett Bunch and Talmadge Bunch
Sunday we ate homemade grits (of course) and drove to Crystal Springs to see Daniel's family. Jonelle had a Sunday spread waiting on us! It was delicious as always. Mr. Danny also fried squirrel - gross. He and Daniel ate it, but baby girl Sims told me not to. Yes, we have this intuition thing down pat. Sunday lunch was perfect, then I headed to Starkville with Mae Slay. Daniel had an interview this morning... meaning, I stayed by myself without calling the police! I did sleep with the lamp on, but who doesn't do that? I was so proud of myself. 

Ah, THE WEEKEND WAS NEEDED! I enjoy work, but it was nice to have 2 days off. Daniel is currently studying for a test, duh. School is taking over. 

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