Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pickles and Corn

Can you believe it? Daniel likes pickles! Wednesday night I got one out of the refrigerator and he asked for a bite. Daniel hates pickles - always has. The smell even makes him gag. So, I gave him a bite of mine, then he ate one for himself... and wanted seconds! I had to tell him those were expensive pickles and to slow down. We both laughed, because he is also "pregnant". I guess I'll stop hoarding my jar of pickles from now on. 

Also, he's been nauseous, had major headaches, hot flashes and other symptoms. While he was feeling bad last night he said, "If this is how I react when you're pregnant, we're not having many kids!" I couldn't help but to laugh. I offered to sleep on the couch and he said, "If that will make me feel better." He is more sick than I am/was. He took a long nap yesterday - never happens. Thursday he showed me his first "fat" roll... that was not a "fat" roll. I don't think he'll gain weight if he ate chips all day. Is it possible for me to get his metabolism? It would humor you to know all of the symptoms, but he might kill me. 

sick pup
I just can't believe it has affected him in that way (sympathy pregnancy). I feel sorry for him, but now he has an idea of pregnancy. Glad we have that in common :)

My older sister, Jill, passed the Bar (duh)! She found out Friday morning on her birthday. Congratulations, Jabots! She starts her job on Monday. We'll be thinking about you! 

Also, congratulations to the ladies of Chi Omega for another successful Limelight! Limelight is "glee-like" performances by the greek community in the Humphrey coliseum. It's a philanthropic event to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. Last year we raised $36,719 and sent a Starkville native, Zoe Perkins, and her family to Disney World. This year Chi Omega sponsored Mary Margaret, another girl from Starkville. Daniel and I really enjoyed seeing everyone and the great performances! Congratulations to Sigma Chi fraternity and Kappa Delta sorority for winning! 

Emily and Laura (Phi Mu- Lion King)



Zoe Perkins

Luke West - Sigma Chi

We have now reached an EAR OF CORN. She's 1.5 pounds and approximately 8.5  inches... and kicks, a lot! I thought the kicking would be weird, but it's so sweet. She always kicks when Daniel isn't around (or when his hand touches my belly). Baby girl Sims and I have a special bond, haha. Since I'm 24(ish) weeks, it's getting harder to breathe. I get short of breath often. It's 1 of 2 things, my progesterone has increased or baby girl is pushing on my diaphragm. It's slightly unpleasant, but at least I'm not sick!

Back to an EAR OF CORN, Daniel asked me yesterday to make my mom's famous corn, crab and shrimp soup. It was his first meal at my house, and we've had it at least once a year since then. It's delicious! Can we have that on October 22, mom??? P.S. Don't invite the entire town. We're stingy. 

And if you were wondering, the answer is "No". I will not post pictures of my insides (sonogram). I think that's really creepy and also gross. It will not be my profile picture or anywhere on the internet. I already posted pictures of my ring on Facebook (far enough). Sorry that was a little blunt, but I'd rather not show the world my insides. She's developing just fine. Oh yeah! I don't do headbands either. You know, the ones that take up the entire head of the baby? Why would you do that? It takes away from the precious face of the baby. If you like the headbands, that's awesome - no offense. It's just not my style. Now, I DO LOVE a big bow. 

that flower is as big as she is. 

 bam. bows.

Why am I so opinionated? Sorry if I offended you, I'm sure your baby is just as sweet with an internet sonogram and big headbands :)

The LSU game is about to start... Geaux Tigers! I can't wait to be in Death Valley on the 22nd. It's killing me. 


  1. Oh girl I feel the SAME way about those huge headbands! It's so nice to know I'm not the only one!

  2. You are so freaking prego right now and I LOVE IT! Thats why your being so blunt! hahahaha LOVERS IT! I HATE THEM TOO they make the baby look cheap! haha cant wait to sees you in November!

  3. Hahaha, I am blunt. It's getting really bad! I am so emotional. Daniel is that, too (emotional)! Headbands... yeah, not a fan. I feel like I offended people, but that was not my goal. Glad y'all are on the same track! I felt really bad after posting. Julie, hurry to Starkville so you can see just HOW preggers I am. Sleeping = hot flashes! Just wait. Love y'all!

  4. Can I jump on this bandwagon too?! Giant flower headbands overtake the baby! That's all you see when you look at a baby wearing one....Sheeshhhh! Mary Kathleen, you are going to have your baby girl dressed TTT! I can't wait to see how adorable she is...just like her momma!

  5. OK 1. You don't know BLUNT until, if, prob. not but if for some reason i EVER did get a blog... i think that should be my blog name. B.L.U.N.T. and then make up some like really funny saying to go w/ it! hahaha
    2. if you read the blog MODG... she is hilariously blunt and im obsessed and love it... check it out. and
    3. YES Miss Haley you can TOTALLY jump on this bandwagon!! We need to eradicate them from the fashion/ babies wardrobes!! bc the horrible!!! Can you imagine how itchy they are??

  6. I HATE THE TERRIBLE FLOWER POWER HEAD TAKE-OVERS. EW, GROSS. but i am so surprised about the sonogram pictures! i dont think that is gross... so its ok with me if you blog about those :)

  7. love this!! No sonogram pics please! I love mine, but they are MINE. I also opted out of the 4d sonogram because it freaks me out!!