Monday, December 12, 2011

New Beginnings

Friday was a BIG day! After a 21 hour semester, Daniel graduated from Mississippi State. 

He was able to finish his degree in 3.5 years - "You gotta do, whatcha gotta do." I am so proud of him for taking a full load during the summer and succeeding in the fall. Both of us are very relieved! The semester flew by. 

Congratulations on... 

1) ...graduating
2) ...a new job
3) ...a new marriage
4) ...a new baby girl
5) ...a new dad
6) ...a new house

Wow. So much is happening.

Yesterday was our last Sunday at Adaton Baptist Church. It was a bittersweet time. We love that church! Saturday Daniel and I made a trip to Oxford to pick up my Craigslist find and visit with our former pastor, J.D. Shaw and his family. Daniel and I have missed them tremendously this past semester. They seem to love Oxford and their new church - you could see it in J.D.'s face. We finally got to see their sweet adopted child, James Samuel Shaw. Now they're a happy family of 6! I hope we stay in contact with the Shaws as we move south. They have made an impact on our lives while in Starkville. 

James Samuel Shaw, Mimi and Annie

Miss Zoe

J.D. and Wilson

Last Thursday, Daniel and I had a doctor's appointment. 
33 weeks

Everything was great and he referred us to another doctor in Jackson. THAT appointment is Tuesday - we're really excited about meeting Dr. Sims. That's right... Dr. Sims. It was meant to be. If anyone knows anything about this doctor, let us know! She's now the size of a HONEYDEW (19 inches/ 4.5 pounds). I'm not even going into my conversation with Daniel. I always make him guess what the fruit is and this one ended with, "Hahaha... oh my gosh. I married an idiot!!!" I was just kidding, but he understood. We are thriled and can't wait to meet her!!! SHE. KICKS. ALOT. 

House: Hopefully we'll close this week and start renovations! Everything is happening so fast. 

We thank you for all of the prayers! Things have worked out better than Daniel and I could've planned. Looking back to June, I thought our world was falling apart. There have been blessings after blessings. To think we're moving out, buying our own house, starting a family and starting a new job - only possible through God. NO good comes from us. Thank you. 

Now off to Crystal Springs for Christmas break. 

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