Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Madison Avenue

Here it is folks...


We have been waiting and offering for a couple weeks to find the perfect house. I was counting on finding out yesterday, but no word. When I came in from work today, I asked Daniel the latest scoop. He ignored the question and continued to sing country songs with the computer - hilarious. I just knew we got the house, and he was hiding it from me. Nope. Hadn't heard a word. As we were talking about it, his phone rang. It was his dad's office. We both took a deep breath before he answered. I could hear every word his dad was saying. The first ones were, "Well, I have some bad news." I put my head down. He continued with, "They took the other offer..." Daniel and his dad then started from square one, "Where do we look?" They got off the phone and Daniel immediately told me, "You know what... the Lord provides. We will find a place to live." I knew that in the back of my head, but I responded with, "I know........ but we need to be settled in a month." He called a rental place in Jackson and as soon as he hung up his dad called back. His immediate words were, "You're never going to believe this. They took your offer." Daniel and I were amazed. It seemed surreal (or like April Fools Day). We were in shock. I was SO HAPPY! Although it looks like your great grandmother's house, it's nothing paint can't fix. Hopefully it will close quick so we can start repairing it, haha. It's also so close to Daniel's work. The house is on Madison Avenue in Madison, Mississippi - so safe and so convenient! 

Thanks to everyone who asked and offered to help! I can't believe we're in this situation. If you would've asked me a year from now where I would be, I would not have guessed this, but... it's a beautiful life.

Thank you, Lord for always providing. I need to remember to praise you in the storm and in the "good times". "Rejoice! Again, I say REJOICE!"

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  1. Congrats, girl! Do NOT stress if it takes a little time..so worth it! I know yall will make a precious home for that sweet baby.