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Daniel and I left Friday afternoon and headed south! We could not be happier. I don't think we slept Wednesday or Thursday night. He was geeked up about hunting and I well... just don't sleep anymore. Saturday morning, Crawford, Mr. Danny and Daniel went hunting in Crystal Springs. Daniel's dad conveniently has (roughly) 100 acres of land behind his house. Daniel misses the woods more than anything! Later that afternoon, he killed a deer! I was so happy for him (even though it was 80 degrees). 
Daniel Harper Sims, II

Also on Saturday, the BCS went haywire. I enjoyed watching the underdogs pull it out all day.  Mississippi State got murdered by Arkansas. Murdered as in painful to watch. LSU beat the snot out of Ole Miss which was the most enjoyable part of the day. Daniel kept asking me why I was watching it and I said, "It's so sweet! I could watch Ole Miss play like a junior high team any day." 

 In other news, Sunday was quite pleasant! Sally Beth Allred's wedding shower was in Brookhaven, then Daniel's parents took us to Sal & Mookies (Daniel's favorite place to eat... ever). Monday we headed to Louisiana! Oh, how I loved being home. Tuesday we ventured to Baton Rouge to register and do a little shopping for ourselves. We registered at Babies R Us and Oh Baby! That was 100,000 more fun than doing a wedding registry. I felt like I was doing a wedding registry yesterday (probably because I was!). We were exhausted from looking at all the 40 different car seats, strollers and bottles. It was time to go home. 

Jaye Marley showing us around Gurley

Talmadge's cows


after a long day of baby girl shopping
Baby's palette colors - I'm not a huge pink person, but I want to incorporate a light pink.

Daniel and I just laid around Clinton until Thanksgiving day. Our family tradition used to be watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I still watch it, but it's not the same. I can remember dad calling us for lunch just as santa made his appearance. I was probably 5 inches from the T.V. at my grandmother's small house. Memories. We had a large spread at Paula Sue's then headed to my dad's house. We all celebrated his big 5-5 and Thanksgiving dinner. Baby girl Sims got pushed to the back-burner on Thursday. I ate too much. Way too much. I guess that's the perk of being pregnant, no diet. I really enjoyed Thursday with the family. It made me anxious for Christmas break! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Robert Miller (brother-in-law) and Riley (oldest sister)

3's company

George Taylor with a dead squirrel ... Clinton.

Happy 55th Birthday, Pappy!

comparing stomachs with John Preston

On the road again... to Brandon. Friday we celebrated Thanksgiving with Daniel's mom's family. Yes, 4 Thanksgivings (if you count Friday night at Daniel's dad's). Another reason why I will NEVER get divorced. You know me, I don't mind traveling, but... it's a lot. I have a feeling it's going to get worse when baby gets here. We'll deal with that when it comes. Anyway, we ate (again) then watched LSU beat up on Arkansas. THAT was fun. By the way, is Bobby Petrino still crying? That was a true class act... not. I'm ready for the National Championship! As I was reading twitter, I came across a Nick Saban quote from 2003, "Anyone that doesn't win their conference has no business playing in the national championship game." We'll just beat Alabama... again. Geaux Tigers! 

My entire family went to the game. We headed north - welcome to marriage :) Here's a picture of John Preston cooking a hog for the Arkansas game.

This is a rare occassion. Geaux Tigers!

I love it.

Saturday we came back to Starkville (after ordering baby's bedding and Daniel going hunting)! We had planned on going to the Egg Bowl, but it was rainy. A storm was coming in, and I would much rather watch it from our couch. So that's what we did. Unpacked then cooked. The game was as expected. MSU beat Ole Miss 31-3. I wasn't a fan of this year's Egg Bowl. I'm going to leave it at that, because I could be really negative. We did win, so "Go Dawgs."

The week was perfect. Daniel and I have SO MUCH to be thankful for. 

1) Family

Our individual families and our own. We are so happy! This is nothing what we thought it would be, but life is wonderful right now. God has guided every step. I can't wait to have a family of our own!

2) Friends

Where would we be? I got text messages on Thursday telling us how thankful we should be for our little girl. It warmed my heart to have friends that care. I was taken back by the thoughtfulness of them. Thank you!

3) Roof

We are thankful for a place to live in Starkville and future housing. We should know today if we got the house in Madison or not. I'm patiently waiting on Daniel to walk in from class. We'll see! If not, it was not supposed to happen. We're content.

4) Baby Sims

This is not #4! We are praying she is healthy! She kicks often and is a constant reminder of God's grace. We love her so much :) ...just don't come early in case we do get the house, hah!

5) God loving husband

I am amazed everyday by Daniel. His love for the Lord and his love for me is breathtaking. I have all the confidence in the world he will biblically lead our family. Of course, we're not perfect and the "real world" is difficult to follow Christ, but I know Daniel will succeed. It's been enjoyable to watch him take responsibility and encourage me to read more. I am so undeserving of a husband like Daniel. He knows what's best for us... even if I do want to buy everything for a house/nursery. 

I can't count all of them! We are thankful for so many things! I hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'll admit, it was hard to get up for work this morning. My last official day is tomorrow! Who's excited??? This girl. 

Baby girl Sims is the size of a head of lettuce (18 inches and 3.2 pounds). I'm currently 30 weeks and 5 days. She'll change sizes in 3 days. February 1st is right around the corner. Sleeping is beginning to be my enemy. 

a gift from Gina Sharp

I couldn't resist.

Have a great week! Going to pick Daniel up from class. Counting down the days until we move out!

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