Wednesday, February 1, 2012

House: Before and After

Here are some pictures of our first home. When Daniel first brought me here, I was really skeptical. He and Crawford kept repeating, "You just need to have a vision." I did and thankfully it came to life! This house was built in 1977, and had not been touched up renovated since. The blue carpet was... dirty (along with the rest of the house). It's amazing what paint, flooring and new appliances can do. It was (still is) a process, but we're getting there! We haven't hung all of the pictures. I haven't even ordered wedding pictures- how far behind am I? As of tomorrow, we'll have too many baby pictures to fit in our house. I'm ok with that! The backyard is huge, and I feel so safe. We're close to everything. Ok, enough rambling... here's a look at the before and after of our quaint little house. We absolutely love it. I am so proud of Daniel for being responsible and getting everything done! 


After (so much brighter)

Daniel's favorite part of the house

Harper gave her dad a piggy bank bulldog, from The Mustard Seed, after accepting his first big boy job

one of my favorites- vase from my bridal shower

Living Room (by the front door)


Guest Bedroom




my mom on her wedding day and our framed invitation

need some real pictures from our wedding

Hall Bathroom (biggest project)

After (love the lights!)

Master Bedroom


steamer anyone?

Baby's Room


Outside (now fixed)

Front Porch (would love to paint it one day!)

Kitchen (so dark)

the floors are awesommmmme.

yes, the oven and stove still work... really well.

love this spot

bread box- thanks, Caroline and Mrs. Stephanie Baker

from our old house in Clinton - great piece! 

flour sifter

walkway to the washer and dryer (other brown piece is going somewhere soon)


(Daniel was obviously trying to convince me by this video)

Thanks so much for looking at our home! We are grateful to get it all finished before Harper gets here tomorrow. Everything is clean and ready to go! To God be the glory, great things He hath done. The house is more than we could've asked or imagined... and only 3 miles from Daniel's work. 


  1. YOUR HOUSE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL! Praying for you and Daniel today and tomorrow!!!! love you :)

    -chelsea beech

  2. I LOVE the yellow everywhere!! What an awesome house... And I have that blue and red vase that you have in the bathroom! It looks PERFECT where you have it! #inspiration

    love you! excited for yall! :)
    xoxoxox laurel

  3. Isn't it amazing what some paint will do?? And you know, I happen to love the yellow countertops. They're really retro and fun! I can't wait to see pics of Miss Harper Lee soon!!!!!!!

  4. The house looks so freaking awesome!!!! Love all the yellow and the white!!! Now with all of Harpers stuff it will look even better!!!! : ) Im coming to stay in that guest room when i get back home so I can spoil that baby rotten!!! So extremely happy for y'all I can't even begin to tell you in words MKKS!!! You are the best!! Lovers you oh so very much!!!