Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Can't. Hardly. Wait. 

Ahhh. I finally get to sit and write... in my own bed at home (September 17). After a really nice shower by the ladies of County Line Baptist Church (Crystal Springs, MS), I came home. Daniel was busy building deer stands all day so I didn't feel too bad for leaving. Since it was 50 degrees at the LSU game, I needed to come home to grab my fall/winter clothes... and open more wedding gifts! We are so overwhelmed with great gifts - THANK YOU! 
Blanche look-a-like

Going back to the LSU game... that wasn't fun. I was surprised we stayed with LSU for the 1st half. Then... it was all-downhill, on top of freezing my tail off the whole night. It was the white out game and I did not feel sorry for cold girls in white summer dresses. Hello... it's windy and 50 degrees. Oh well! It was a nice SEC beating MSU got on Thursday night. I was thankful Shelby Hailey got to come up. We chatted the whole game then she made the long trek back to Baton Rouge. We also saw Adam Elam and Mr. Bob Arnold. It's nice to have a little bit of home visit Mississippi State.

Whitney and Kelli

the newlyweds

Stephen (Daniel's older brother) and Daniel

Thanks for the tickets, Chuck Beauchamp!

Shelby Hailey

Ok, Chi Omega get on this. 

I can now say I'm a working woman. I started my job with Community Counseling on Monday. It's going really well. I have to complete 325 hours (about 10 weeks). Daniel loves the fact that I'm working - I'm not. I'll be a stay at home mom/wife. I'm really okay with that. I have met a variety of people. I started in the developmentally delayed program then made my way to the nursing home. I love it there. We bowl, play bingo, give manicures, lots of worksheets and Bible reading. The best part is being done at 3:00. I'm getting used to this whole working thing. 

 On the other hand, school has really picked up for Daniel. Twenty-one hours is a load! This semester is about to fly by. We're still being patient about Daniel's job. It's hard not to worry, but I have ALL the confidence in the world in him. He watches more CNBC and knows every current event. I'm interested to see where we'll be in the spring. God has guided us this far, we need only to be still.

Ah ha! I found remains. 

Baby girl Sims is absolutely growing! I can feel her often. The jeans are getting harder to fit into. I'm trying to avoid getting the stretchy jeans, so I bought a band to put over my regular ones. I just can't bring myself to buy the maternity jeans. I'm 21 weeks and she's now the size of a banana (11 oz. and 7 in.). It's getting harder to find outfits for work. I'm ready for her to get here! When football games come on, Daniel calls us "Team Sims". It's really cute. When I get stressed out over a game (Auburn/Ms State), he covers my eyes. He obviously doesn't want a crying baby girl.

sweet gift from Rachel Hill- I love anything smocked

Lastly, I want to share this from "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young. I read it September 17 - perfect. 

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  1. Love all the updates! And I LOVE that cute little bump I see. You are precious Mary Kathleen!!