Sunday, September 4, 2011


That's right... SURPRISE! Daniel and I are so sly- well, I like to think so. Our original sonogram was for Thursday, September 8th. When we found out we would be going to the beach for Labor Day weekend, I decided to move our appointment up and surprise my family. So, I called the clinic and she told me I couldn't have a sonogram until 20 weeks. After "discussing" the matter, I finally got it moved. So here comes Tuesday, August 30 (our 1 month anniversary) and we head to the doctor's office. After I signed in, the secretary told me they were running really late... great! We were already nervous and this just iced the cake. Speaking of icing, I planned a gender reveal party for all of our friends Monday night. The appointment was moved on Monday and I texted messaged everyone 3 hours later. I was nervous about the gender, a good picture and the 200 cupcakes Shelley and I had been baking all afternoon. Back to the doctor's office... they finally call us back around 4:30 (they closed at 5). The doctor told us we were early for a sonogram (18 weeks) and we might not get a good picture. I was scared, but made sure I had a sonogram. I was too anxious and wanted to start shopping with my mom.

While in the room, we told the nurse we did not want to know the sex... but if she would kindly write it on a note and put it in a sealed envelope. It took us awhile to describe what we were planning, but she eventually got it. After the 5 minute sonogram, we talked to the doctor. Everything is GREAT! The baby was 7 oz. and right on track. We quickly left the women's clinic and headed to Cups-N-Cakes.

Earlier that day, I had ordered 2 cream cheese cupcakes inferring I would come back later with the correct gender. I walk inside, hand them the envelope and they told me my cupcakes were ready. I looked at them and asked, "Really??? We just left." She then tells me the doctor called earlier and told us the sex... but it was different than the one I handed them. We were so confused - and that was something not to be confused about. After that confusion, I just asked her to make 2 new cupcakes with the gender on the envelope. We were all laughing, but inside I was so nervous. After that fiasco, Daniel and I headed home.

PARTY TIME! Everything was going well. I finished icing the cupcakes, Daniel did the dirty work, then Crawford and Shelley came over. They generously hung the streamers and helped us get organized. Well, Crawford just enjoyed his Shocktop and TV show :) So here comes the time for Daniel and I to get dressed. What to wear??? I said, yellow and Daniel made me choose a color. What we wore didn't signify what we wanted, but what we thought the baby was. I actually thought it was a boy, but we both couldn't wear blue (my thoughts). We both REALLY wanted a girl. A boy would've been perfect, too. Daniel (confidently) puts on his blue shirt and I was too rushed to think.

Here comes 8:00 and people start arriving! It's finally here :) 8:10 rolls around and probably 30 people are in our one bedroom apartment. Julie Tigrett, my roommate last year, came all the way from Jackson! It made the party so special for me. It was such a good feeling to have all of our friends celebrate with us! Of course, all of the boys wore blue. We took a blue picture and a girl picture - so glad we did that... thanks, Nations! So time goes by and it's 8:15... Nations asks if we were ready and I say, "Just give me 2 more minutes." My heart was racing.

About 2 minutes go by and I look at Daniel. He was ready because he KNEW it was a boy. He told us before the party that the ultrasound lady did it so quick, she just saw the boy part. I mean, convinced it was a boy. He thought everyone wearing pink was silly. As we're walking toward the cupcakes, everything seemed surreal. Daniel hands me the cupcake and we bite in!

IT'S PINK!!!!! He was SHOCKED. Do the pictures do it justice? It was the best feeling in the world! All of our friends were surrounding us... just missing our parents. Daniel called his parents as soon as everyone left. They were thrilled! His dad thought is was a boy and Jonelle a girl. Women are always right :)

My first thoughts were, "CLOTHES! DRESS UP! DECORATING! I CAN'T WAIT TO TELL MY FAMILY!" I mean, those thoughts took .5 seconds. Daniel was so sweet. He was just in shock. Weeks before he kept telling me he wanted a girl, but he was absolutely surprised. I am so glad we have it on video - thank you everyone! After we caught our breath, we hugged kissed and said, "What are we going to do." On one video Daniel says, "... I thought it was a boy."

I wish I could describe the feelings we had. I know this sounds cliche', but Daniel and I fell in love all over again. (Now, I don't believe in "falling in or out of love", but you get the picture) That moment was better than our first kiss, proposal, wedding, honeymoon - EVERYTHING! When everyone left, we had our time to take everything in. WE WERE SO EXCITED! It's like we just wanted to hug every second. After we settled down, we tried to fall asleep - fail. Daniel carried on with, "I know nothing about girls. I've never been around little girls." It was so sweet. I can just imagine daddy/daughter dates and them being best friends. He is going to be absolutely smitten by her :) Finding out has allowed both of us to become extremely excited. Like I said, before I wasn't okay with the situation. Now... I'm itching to February 1st!

Now we're at the beach! Daniel and I were anxiously awaiting this weekend and now it's raining. It's not only raining... it's a tropical depression. Oh well, it's still a vacation and I get to see my mom and sister! They're coming down tonight. I found out her friends are here for a birthday party so we're inviting them over tonight. My mom has NO IDEA we went to the doctor. It has been killing me not to tell her or my dad.

Daniel trying to be a "little girl
Wednesday morning Daniel and I bought my dad some little girl panties with "Rebels stink" monogrammed in maroon. It was perfect! He'll be getting the package today and I have given him specific instructions on when to open. One of them being, "Don't open at work, because I don't want you to embarrass yourself when you start crying." He just laughed knowing that was the truth. I'm about to rat you out dad, but when my mom sent him a picture of the 2nd ultrasound he got it at work... and couldn't look at it. It was also a couple says before Father's Day, too. I love your sensitive side, "deedy" :) I CANNOT WAIT TO TELL MY PARENTS! Since it's been raining here, Daniel and I went to a children's shop yesterday. I want EVERYTHING! The store had nothing but smocked dresses.

Ah!! Let the pinning begin on Pinterest! 

MOM AND DAD FINALLY KNOW! Yesterday daddy received his package in the mail. He opened it at lunch with my grandmother, Mrs. Charel, Colden, Jackson, Mrs. Ramona and John Preston. They were so surprised! He sent me some pictures as soon as he saw it. The caption read, "Congratulations on the point guard!" I wish we could've been there. 

Mom and Jill were supposed to be here around 8 on Friday night. They got into the storm, took a few detours and arrived around midnight. Daniel and I were debating on telling them in the morning, but we couldn't wait. The cupcakes were in the refrigerator and we were anxiously awaiting them to open it. They had no idea we had an appointment. After seeing the cupcakes Daniel and I explained the story. They were caught off guard, but so excited! After a long car ride a cupcake filled with pink icing was perfect :) So mom and Jill took a bite... Jill couldn't see the pink then mom showed her. Both of them were surprised, but Jill guessed right. It's a girl! I'm glad we got to surprise them! 

Yesterday, I looked at my handy dandy app again and the baby's size has changed! Daniel walked in the living room and I said, "Guess what fruit she is!" He replied, "...not again." I said, "It starts with an M. It's my favorite fruit." He said, "...........mang... mang.... mang...." We both died out laughing, because he couldn't think of the "O". He was so close! ".....mang -ricots!" No. I made him guess for the next 2 minutes. We both kept repeating, "Mang... mang...." I finally said, "I love mang...." and he shouted out, "Mangos!" It was hilarious. I promise I'm not married to an idiot, he just keeps life interesting. Yes friends, we are the size of a mango. We love her so so much. 

Last night (Thursday) we got to watch Mississippi State play Memphis. We won 49-14! Go ahead, boys! There is so much hype in Starkville - it's a great time to be living in a college town. I'm ready for the LSU/Mississippi State game on Thursday, September 14. Geaux Dawgs! Speaking of LSU, maybe we should've gone to Dallas this weekend. The rain is interesting and all, but Jerry World seems more appealing. Oh well! We'll be watching from Orange Beach - BEAT OREGON! Have fun Betsy and Graham! 

Thank you again for all the support you have given Daniel and me. It has been a whirlwind, but we wouldn't want it any other way. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways. His grace is ...ah... unbelievable. This is a good thing. Thank you. 

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  1. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS POST!!! It absolutely KILLED me that I was not able to be there!!!!!! But I cannot WAIT for your baby shower to spoil YOU and that baby TO DEATH!!!! Im coming to Starkville in a few wks for a game, and Im thinking about coming up on a Wednesday/Thursday so we have to get together for lunch/hang out etc... I have to fill you in on my ever changing CRAZY life, and I must see your new apt!!!! You are so BEAUTIFUL, and I can only hope and pray that I am a quarter as beautiful and a wonderful mother as you are going to be one day!!!!!!!! I love you sooo MUCH MKKS!!!! You mean the world to me! Ok im thinking Harper Kennedy or Harper June.... those are my thoughts.... just saying... hahahaha I will be seeing you soon!!!! LOVE YOU!!