Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's almost October!

Nothing beats a Sunday nap... and a Saints win. 

[Just a little background story] I can remember going to my grandmother's every Sunday after church for lunch. I was probably 5 or 6 and had an obsession with corn on the cob. My grandmother (June) would make a large spread for Sunday lunch. Our birthday meals were either chicken fried steak or crawfish casserole (with butter drenching the top). Did I mention that none of these meals were healthy? After we indulged in home cooking, she brought out Bluebell ice cream and strawberries - YUM! When it got time to leave, all 4 of us loaded up in the "ro-day-o" (Rodeo)... or ole faithful. Mawmaw June lived in Zachary, 25 miles from Clinton. With 4 kids, we always fought for shotgun. Who doesn't? I was given the boot every time for my size, so the argument was between Riley, Jill and John Preston. One would run to the car, lock the door and pretend to be asleep. It worked most of the time. Riley usually won, duh. So that would leave me, Jill and John Preston in the back. We wouldn't get out of the driveway and I would be asleep on Jill's lap with slobber on deck. To this day, those were the best Sunday afternoon naps. I would soon wake up to Jill's sneeze and us searching for a sock. Yes, a sock. Dad had a magical sock that appeared every time (Jill) we sneezed. I guess it never registered to get napkins... socks were more adventurous. Although I'm no longer waking up to, "Hurry....hurry... find a sock" on Sunday afternoon, I will always remember those times together. Oh yeah... "BLUE DRIVEWAY! I win."

 On another note... I just started working 2 weeks ago. Everything is great! The first week was hard, but I really enjoy my placement. I'm working at an elderly home from 7:30-10:00 then head to the nursing home from 10:00-12:00 and 1:00-3:00. My schedule is perfect. At 7:30 we make a route to pick up the clients. Last Thursday we picked up a lady in ... down a long dirt road in Starkville. I'm not sure where we were, but she had no running water. I was shocked people still lived without water. That makes my job worth it. I'm able to learn people's stories and try to help (to the best of my ability) - that's why I love the nursing home. I have heard more interesting stories about drugs, health problems, strokes, etc. I can't wait to see them every morning. I'm becoming a natural at Bingo! One downfall is the smell. Since I've been pregnant I can smell the garbage truck go by. Working with the elderly isn't the best smelling place, but I'm slowly adjusting. 

My bus buddy, Mr. No-teeth Nash

Here comes the weekend! Friday night we (Daniel, me, Crawford and Caroline) ate at a "new" mexican restaurant, Casa Bravo. It wasn't the best, but the company was. Upon leaving, a group of alumni Phi Mu's were having a mini reunion. It was so good to see people I graduated with in Starkville! I wish they were still in town. Saturday morning, some Chi O's had a reunion in City Bagel. We are so spread out and needed to see each other. About 10 of us got together and had breakfast before the football game. I loved fellowshipping with everyone and talking about the "real world". I am so thankful to have met those girls! The Lord shines in their work and friendships. I'm sad we don't live together anymore, but encouraged to hear how the Lord has used them. Love y'all! 

City Bagel in downtown Starkville

Also, Daniel met with some guys who came into town on Saturday morning in City Bagel. After we had been there an hour, I looked at their table. I noticed their group had grown and Bibles were everywhere. I just stopped and thanked God for friends and a seeking husband. Seeing discipleship at Mississippi State is not uncommon (Praise the Lord). It's a perfect picture of the great commission. It has been a beautiful ride with Daniel - seeing both of us change for the better. Thank you, faithful friends! 

 After breakfast, we walked home to see Ole Miss get beat ...and was it sweet! Around 2:30 I headed to the junction to meet up with some friends. Daniel (or Crawford) doesn't like to tailgate so I went to meet friends. The junction was alive and ready to watch Louisiana Tech get beat. Well, they did have a pretty day, but Mississippi State played terrible. Daniel and I decided to sell our tickets and not go in - thank goodness. We walked home then headed to Crawford's. I wasn't planning on going in so we could watch LSU beat West Virginia. THAT was a good game. I'll admit it, I'm not true maroon. Don't kill me. Daniel started going for LA Tech, because our offense was horrible... and we're extremely cocky. Which, I'll have to agree with him. We stormed the field after winning... in OT... against Tech. No offense (no pun intended), but we should've killed them. With all that to be said, it was a great day! I didn't realize how bad leg cramps were until 7:00 PM and I sat down. Whew! The Sims ladies can't be on our feet for that long again. Oh yeah, you'll see in these pictures that my hair is now brown. It's slowly growing on me. 


yes, we ate at the alumni tent... and... 

tailgating in the junction with great friends!

Baby girl Sims was begging to wear this- maybe in the next 3 years

Someone was getting heated...

field-goal for OT

Tech scores

Speaking of pregnancy, there's one word... hormones. Daniel has acquired all of my symptoms. Last Monday we were going to bed, and he was having hot flashes. I was thrilled, because he turned the air down. The next night he was really nauseated. We couldn't understand why he was getting sick. It finally hit me on Thursday... it was me. He was also pregnant (kidding!)...but, Daniel did get all of my sickness. He's still burning up, doesn't feel well and can smell everything. It's quite entertaining. Personally, I think it's great that he's going through the pain, too. Before you know it, he'll be lactating. 

"bless his heart"

Throughout the week, mom and I have been putting together an article for the Mississippi Magazine. When that comes out, every sorority girl has a copy. I remember being in the Chi O house last year and the magazine was no where to be found in Starkville. Are you surprised? We had one copy and passed it around - deprived sorority girls. I wish I was lying. 

Drum roll please........... baby girl Sims is now a SPAGHETTI SQUASH! We reached the 1 lb. (8 in.) mark. When I get on the scale now I'll know one of those is not mine :) She's growing so fast. Daniel and Crawford still think she's a boy. It's getting much harder to get dressed and sleep. I know the last 4 months will be inconvenient, but so worth it. Still haven't given into the "oh-so-comfortable mom jeans". I just can't do it. 

Lastly, I wanted to say "Thank You!", again. 

Daniel and I can feel the prayers. So many things have worked out for us. Again, nothing is perfect, but we are so grateful. We have a (convenient) place to live, food on the table, I'm employed, etc. We thank you for praying for us. God is doing His work and it's a beautiful thing. If there is ANYTHING we can do, please let us know (even if it takes me weeks to get back to you). Prayer is so powerful. We are grateful. Thanks for reading :) If you have pointers on how to make a blog look good, send them to me! I just type.

Have a great week! It's almost October!

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  1. Mary Kathleen, I just wanted to pop in a say that I have been praying for ya'll and your sweet baby (girl?!) for a few weeks now. The first year of marriage is such a strange and beautiful thing, there is no change in life that quite compares to the shock of it all!
    On another note, it sounds like Daniel may be experiencing Couvade Syndrome-- look it up! :)